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The GAN01-SUNSHINE-E is Production Model Armored Core NEXT that first appeared in Armored Core 4.


A variation of the GAN01-SUNSHINE-L, the SUNSHINE-E model was a GA crafted unit that was meant to be used by LYNX with low AMS compatibility. Instead of the normal arm units, the E model was given bazooka weapon arms to increase its lethality in combat. While indeed making the E model a force to be reckoned with, this came at the cost of lower defense ratings as well as AP. This model saw widespread use during the period following the National Dismantlement War and leading up to the Lynx War.

The only users were Unite Mons and Roadie. The latter survived and continued to use the same design in AC: For Answer.


Feedback, an example of SUNSHINE-E


The weapons included are part of the original schematic during the LYNX War. Later releases of this schematic leave the weapon units empty to allow for user customisation.



  • The GAN01-SUNSHINE-E is one of several Armored Core NEXTs to have a Kotobukiya model kit based on its design.