The GAN01-SUNSHINE-L is a GA NEXT model that appears in both Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer.


A smaller and lighter version of the GAN01-SUNSHINE, the SUNSHINE-L is a middleweight NEXT design with slightly increased mobility and more combat adaptability than the original SUNSHINE model. It is popular with inexperienced players, as the SUNSHINE-L's high AP and Shell Defense ratings make it forgiving of pilot errors that are common among newcomers (for example, failing to evade a rocket barrage).


Realizing that their GAN01-SUNSHINE model was overweight, unwieldy, and cumbersome, GA tried to refurbish it into something more manageable. They did it by modifying its arms, legs, and generator; those three parts being the most responsible of the weight. A workable stopgap model, it nevertheless managed to solve most of the problems out of the SUNSHINE and proving itself to be much more versatile than its older brother. Indeed, if the NEW-SUNSHINE project didn't succeed, the SUNSHINE-L were to have a long life, serving in many GA's frontlines. The machine continues to be offered to mercenaries hoping to work alongside GA as far as the ORCA Uprising.


The weapons included are part of the original schematic during the LYNX War. Later releases of this schematic leave the weapon units empty to allow for user customisation.


  • The GAN01-SUNSHINE-L is one of several Armored Core NEXTs to have a Kotobukiya model kit based on its design.
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