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The GAN02-NSS-O.CG is a Couger overed booster part that appears in Armored Core: For Answer.

Part Description[]

GA's standard OB. This part shows the group's Kojima technology advancement.

ACFA part review:

The most energy efficient OB in the game, you can overboost almost indefinitely with this on the right ACs. It has low speed, but can be used repeatedly and for extended periods.

Part Statistics[]

Armored Core: For Answer - 1.4 Regulations[]

  • Part Type: Overed Booster
  • Weight Class: Middleweight
  • Manufacturer: Couger
  • Price: 350000c
  • Weight: 623
  • EN Cost: 695
  • Overed Boost Thrust: 74550
  • Overed Boost EN Cost: 23195
  • Overed Boost KP Cost: 1499
  • OB Activation Thrust: 88000
  • OB Activation EN Cost: 82100
  • OB Activation KP Cost: 8450
  • OB Activation Limit: 15
  • Assault Armor Attack: -
  • Assault Armor Range: -