The GA Group is a collection of corporations affiliated under the Global Armaments banner.


The GA Group is an alliance of several corporations, collectively united under Global Armaments. The GA Group consists primarily of the Global Armaments company and its subsidiaries, although other large corporations have been known to be a part of the group.

During the events of Armored Core 4, the GA Group consisted of the two branches of GA and their subsidiary corporations. The largest members of the group at this time were GA America and GA Europe, but the group also included Arisawa Heavy Industries, Couger, and MSAC International.

By the time of Armored Core: For Answer, the GA Group's second largest element, GA Europe, had severed their connections to Global Armaments due to internal disputes and merged with Akvavit to form the startup corporation TORUS. The Bernard and Felix Foundation had become part of the GA Group since losing much of their infrastructure during the LINX War, and rebuilt thanks to funding from GA America. Despite being absorbed into the GA Group, BFF is not a GA subsidiary, and remains an independent organisation from GA. The Bernard and Felix Foundation had essentially replaced GA Europe as the second-largest corporation in the GA Group.

Member CorporationsEdit

Armored Core 4

Armored Core: For Answer

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