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The GN-JUDITH is an Omer generator part that first appeared in Armored Core 4 and later Armored Core: For Answer.

Part Description[]

Lightweight, balanced part for a wide variety of uses.

ACFA Part Review:

A very balanced and average generator in many ways, it remains one of the most reliable ones. It has extremely low weight, allowing you to put more weight into weapons and frame parts, while giving you power superior to most other generators.

Part Statistics[]

Armored Core 4 - 1.0 Regulations[]

  • Part Type: Generator
  • Manufacturer: Omer Science Technology
  • Price: 670000c
  • Weight: 415
  • RECOM EN Cost: 17718
  • EN Output: 30818
  • EN Capacity: 61909
  • KP Output: 150

Armored Core: For Answer - 1.4 Regulations[]

  • Part Type: Generator
  • Weight Class: Lightweight
  • Manufacturer: Omer Science Technology
  • Price: 490000c
  • Weight: 650
  • EN Cost: -
  • Energy Output: 34091
  • Energy Capacity: 85902
  • KP Output: 727

Notable Users[]

Armored Core 4[]