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The HOY-B1000 by Balena appeared in 2 Series, one of the best generators

Generator Example

Example of a Generator and its location in an AC

The Generator is an essential part of an Armored Core that provides the energy it needs to run.


Commonly, a Generator supplies power to the AC. The Generator itself is made up of the Power generator that determines the EN output, and a Condenser which determines the Energy Gauge or EN Capacity. It appears to be held in the Core Part.

Power is an important consideration in the Armored Core games - the generator can only generate energy at a certain rate, and if the AC uses energy at a faster rate, the charge held by the generator is depleted. If the energy produced by the generator is depleted past the generator's red zone it immediately shuts off all other high-energy dependent functions and recharges, leaving the AC very vulnerable. Recharging ACs cannot use their boosters or energy weaponry until the generator has completely recharged, and in battle up to a minute without weapons or mobility can end up costing a heavy price. The time it takes to recharge varies from generator to generator; also, the generator is still supporting the AC's necessary functions while charging, and these (particularly the radiator) slow the recharge rate. The quickest way to recharge, therefore, is to stand completely still and do nothing. In armored core 3 the generator is included in the list of component suspectible to excess heat damage. In armored core V the generator's output can be distrupted by energy jamming either from direct impact of energy affecting ordnance or in the jamming field of a jamming unit specified for energy.

Armored Core 4 - AC For Answer[]

All Yr Power r Belong 2 uS

A Diagram of a NEXT's Generator

In Armored Core 4, Generators also gain the ability to produce Kojima Particles, or KP. AC's use KP's to power their Primal Armor defense shield, as well as KP powered weapons. As with EN output, different levels of KP output dictate the PA shields recharge rate. Generators no longer recharge in AC4. Instead, when they reach zero energy, they build up energy at the regular rate. However, this does not equate to unlimited power, since if energy is low enough, energy weapons and boosters do not function.

Armored Core V[]

In Armored Core V, like many other parts, Generators have been broken into several categories. These are based on capacity, charge time and balanced stats (confirm these variants). They operate much like they did in Armored Core 4, with no longer having a Charging state and instead simply begin to recharge energy reserves when depleted. Unlike in Armored Core 4, the computer of the Armored Core will alert the pilot (player) to the different statuses of the energy, like when it is at 30% or depleted. In scan mode, generator capacity will load faster as the weapon system will be turned off, diverting excess energy to the capacitor.

This version of a generator also has a output mode for using Ultimate Weapons, Once UWs are activated the generator of the AC will also disable its limiter, pushing its output to dangerously high levels. This gives the AC almost an infinite EN and enables the charging of the UWs (charge speed depends on the weapon's charge capacity, generator's critical output, and the core unit's EN trasmitting efficiency).

List of Generators[]

Introduced in Armored Core 1[]

Introduced in Armored Core Project Phantasma[]

Introduced in Armored Core 2[]

Introduced in Armored Core 3[]

Introduced in Armored Core Silent Line

Introduced in Armored Core Nexus


  • Rayleonard is said to have developed "super high density hydrogen sterling alloy and utility fuel cells". In universe this could mean that, in NEXT's at least, generators run on Hydrogen and near-pure silver.
  • Limiter Release is similar to when an Ultimate weapon is activated.