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Gibbon MS-HA

Gibbon MS-HA MT Unit

Gibbon MS-HA is the unofficial fan name for a close-range humanoid MT that appears in Silent Line: Armored Core.


The successor of the Gibbon MT, the Gibbon MS-HA is a manned humanoid, reverse-joint MT larger than an AC. Its weapons include dual rocket launchers and dual parrying blades. Given the increase in equipment, the unit can deal out greater damage at the cost of some mobility. When enemies approach, it will strike with its blades, but otherwise rely on its rocket launchers. These adaptations have made the unit more reliable as a security or defense MT. Its armor is reliable being able to take a number of hits before failing.


  • Dual Parrying Blades
  • Dual Rocket Launchers


The Gibbon MS-HA MT appears as an enemy in the following missions:

A blue custom Gibbon MS-HA is also used by Eclair. Her version of the unit exhibits better performance than the mass produced red version.


  • Name comes from a Japanese website and the translation is pending.