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Giga Base
General information
Japanese name ギガベース
Other names Amphibious Fortress (両生要塞)[1]
Classification Arms Fort
Manufacturer Global Armaments
Affiliation Global Armaments
Conflicts present Economic War
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: For Answer,
Armored Core: A New Order of "NEXT"

Giga Base is an amphibious Arms Forts manufactured by GA America. It is small compared to other Arms Forts and is only slightly bigger than ORCA's 'Jet' AF unit, however its weapons can easily tear up a NEXT who can't dodge its long range attacks well enough.

The AF is equipped with a very powerful, high caliber long range cannon as its main weapon, and several defense turrets and missile launchers if the enemies manage to get in close. However, being focused on long-range combat renders this Arms Forts defenseless against highly mobile units that can easily take advantage of its undefended undersides.

This AF is also mass produced, and it makes several appearances in-game, both on land and water combat grounds. Mission briefings and various comments note that this AF is quite old, implying that it may have been the first true AF produced.

This AF is encountered in the following missions: 'Defeat AF Cabracan' (as an ally but appears only in Normal Mode), 'Clear Former Chinese Shanghai' and 'Defeat AF Giga Base'.



  • It is mentioned that Giga Base is a 'relic' which may mean it is a old type-Arms Fort, probably the first to be produced.
  • Its long range weapon seems to be able to change the colour of the shells it fires, as in the mission defeat af giga base, it has a yellow tinted shot but when it is a ally in the mission defeat af cabracan it has a more orange tinted shot
    • this may be so that the player (or any forces) can see which giga base is on their side due to the coloured shots
  • Giga Base bears some resemblance to the Dagat Ahas amphibious fortress from Front Mission 3


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