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Global Armaments
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MSAC International
SpecialtyHigh AP, heavy parts.
Heavy Weapons
Known employeesAnatolia's Mercenary
Enrique Elkano
May Greenfield
Menno Ruh
Unite Mons
Eras presentNational Dismantlement War
Lynx War
Economic War
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AppearancesArmored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer

Global Armaments is the world's largest corporation, centered around the economic hub of the Pacific Rim. An advocate of standard military company, their products have gained much praise due to their power and reliability in battle.


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While Global Armaments has stakes in Algebra for rations and Interior Union for fossil fuels, they are not on good terms with Torus due to the sequence of events separating them from the former GAE.

GA America is a manufacturer of high AP, heavy parts. Their weapons are characteristically heavy, with high ammunition capacity. They fire live ammunition, and feature quite high Attack Power ratings. Their GANO NSS line of products were developed to help average pilots develop top NEXT piloting capabilities.

Couger and MSAC International are complete subsidiaries of GA.


Global Armaments was a powerful corporation in the United States, Japan, China, the Philippines, and Australia during the waning years of the sovereign nations. They used this massive base of influence to grab huge amounts of power during and after the National Dismantlement War.

Armored Core 4Edit

GA is the primary sponsor of Anatolia's Mercenary throughout Armored Core 4, and they lean on him heavily during the Lynx War.

GA is in a deep rivalry with Bernard and Felix Foundation throughout this period, with an increasing number of skirmishes occurring between the two in the months leading up the to the Lynx War. Their relationship with the Rayleonard Group by this time is also growing unstable, as Rayleonard subsidiary Akva Vit is making attempts to take over the corporation's European branch.

Eventually, GA Europe decides to sever relations with the American parent group, and attempts to join Akva Vit and Rayleonard. Their most important base of research and development, the Heide Arsenal, is raided by Anatolia's Mercenary under orders from GA America, which results in heavy damage to a number of advanced weapons platforms, including the platforms designed to carry the Sol Dios cannons. In the wake of this attack, Rayleonard and GA declare war on each other, starting the Lynx War.

BFF also interferes with GA operations in Europe during this time, which leads to the two companies primarily engaging each other during the first stage of the Lynx War (Chapter 4 of AC4). GA emerges victorious from this stage of the war after Anatolia's Mercenary takes out BFF lead LINX Mary Shelley, and BFF's sea-borne headquarters.

Shortly afterwards, the Rayleonard Group attacks Anatolia with experimental Kojima Weapons, although Anatolia's Mercenary is able to defeat them before serious damage is done. GA turns its attention to Rayleonard during stage two of the war (Chapter 5 of AC4), aligning itself with the Rosenthal/Omer group in the process. GA is also able to acquire the services of Joshua O'Brien, Anatolia's Mercenary's friend/rival, for a number of missions against Rayleonard. After Anatolia's Mercenary, alongside Rosenthal's Leonhardt Omer's Mido Auriel, takes out Rayleonard's elite NEXT squadron, he is then sent by GA to take out Rayleonard's base of operations in Canada, which causes GA to emerge as one of the victors of the Lynx War, becoming the dominant corporation over the entire planet.

Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

Unfortunately for GA, it is unable to maintain that power inside The League of Ruling Companies, which is quickly hijacked by Omer Science Technology. Therefore, GA begins operating independently of the League, only utilizing the group when it's beneficial to them. In their operations, they often ally with BFF, whom they rebuilt after the Lynx War. Their mission requests most often involve actions aimed against Torus, who as a successor to both GAE and Akva Vit, are regarded as the biggest liability to GA's continued dominance.

They would eventually return to full League membership when ORCA emerged as a serious threat to the continued corporate dominance. Their massive military infrastructure, alongside their contingent of NEXTs, lead by the LYNX Roadie, would play a critical role in the course of the war, with Roadie being personally involved in two of the Chapter 4 arcs.

Lynx Employed (Lynx, NEXT)Edit

Lynx Name Next NameRankOriginalCurrent StatusAppearances
Anatolia's Mercenary Thinker(default name in AC4), White glint(AC:FA)39NoUnknown(White glint was defeated in Line ark mission, but mentioned the Lynx was survived). AC4, AC:FA
Enrique ElkanoTriana32NoAlive, NEXT designerAC4, AC:FA (Mentioned)
May GreenfieldMerrygate18NoAlive, ConsortAC:FA
Menno RuhPrimitive Light10YesKIA, defeated by Anatolia's Mercenary in Internal PurgeAC4
RoadieFeedback36->4NoUnknown (KIA in Destruction Path)AC4, AC:FA
Unite MonsTyrant35NoKIA, ambushed and killed by NEXT prototypes at Levanteer Facility.AC4

GA America Next SchematicsEdit

Next Schematics utilizing GA America PartsEdit


Introduced in Armored Core 4Edit


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAN01-SS-H 225,000C510910 ShopHeavy part with high defense, especially against ammunition.


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAN01-SS-C 530,000C35802380 ShopSolid, heavy armor part known for resistance to ammunition.


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAN01-SS-A 375,000C36902880 ShopA high-end, high-impact, heavyweight part.
GAN01-SS-AL 360,000C30502600 ShopA middleweight SS-A variant. Good for ballistic defense.
GAN01-SS-AW 475,000C44002710 ShopIntegrated weapon part with bazookas on both arms.


Part ID PriceLeg TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAN01-SS-L 370,000CBiped74905390ShopHeavily armored, stable Biped legs resistant to ammunition.
GAN01-SS-LL 360,000CBiped56705180ShopAn SS-L variant which retains the stability of the original.


Part ID PriceWeightEN OutputUnlockedNotes
GAN01-SS-G 595,000C138533288ShopA super-heavy generator with enormous EN output.
GAN01-SS-GL 575,000C80332364ShopHigh EN output generator for use with high-impact parts.

Arm WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAN01-SS-WB 95,000CBazooka1968123ShopEach blast from this standard bazooka packs real power.
GAN01-SS-WBP 345,000CBazooka2736129ShopAn upgraded bazooka with higher overall firepower.
GAN01-SS-WG 370,000CGatling Gun1498513ShopA heavyweight gatling gun with power and firing speed.

Introduced in Armored Core: For AnswerEdit


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAN02-NSS-H 200,000C4831033 ShopA re-balanced [[GAN01-SS-H|SUNSHINE part. GA's new standard high level part.


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAN02-NSS-C 200,000C31352387 ShopNEW-SUNSHINE's core part. Often called GA's masterpiece.


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAN02-NSS-A 200,000C29982676 ShopA middleweight arm with increased arm momentum for heavy weapons.


Part ID PriceLeg TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAEN01-SL-L 300,000CQuadruped52326889ShopExperimental quad legs for heavy back-mounted weapons.
GAN02-NSS-L 200,000CBiped57444966ShopMid-sized biped legs with good capacity. Provides tough protection.


Part ID PriceWeightEN OutputUnlockedNotes
GAN02-NSS-G 550,000C270034545ShopMid-weight part with an emphasis on capacity. More KP output than the [[GAN01-SS-GL|SS-GL.

Arm WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAEN01-SL-WH 150,000CHandgun34454ShopA strengthened upgrade to the classic storable handgun.
GAN01-SS-WD 20,000CDozar12952ShopDesigned for demolition only. Not suitable for NEXT-to-NEXT combat.
GAN01-SS-WGP 150,000CGatling Gun2102563ShopA more powerful gatling gun that utilizes a large drum-type magazine.
GAN01-SS-WH.E 100,000CHandgun12631ShopA storable handgun designed as backup weaponry.
GAN02-NSS-WBS 300,000CSpread Bazooka2318172ShopA versatile bazooka that shoots a spread of missiles.
GAN02-NSS-WR 100,000CRifle129664ShopA standard GA rifle with an emphasis on magazine size. Very stable.

Back WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
GAN01-SS-GC 300,000CGatling Cannon2018594ShopSuper heavyweight gatling gun with an overwhelmingly large magazine.


Arms FortsEdit

Corporation color setEdit


  • Main: 122/114/93
  • Sub: 33/32/30
  • Support: 80/78/64
  • Optional: 80/78/64
  • Joint: 80/78/64
  • Device: 145/138/125
  • Eye: 185/0/0



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