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Grave-P - Emblem

Grave-P's Emblem

Grave-P is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 19th in the Arena.


What the pilot of this AC lacks in color coordination he more than makes up for with raw tenacity. Those foolish enough to engage at close-range always pay the price.

AC Spider Crowe[]

Spider Crowe is a quad-legged AC equipped with spread bazooka weapon arms, 2 identical back-mounted grenade launchers, side shield extensions and an EO core.

AC Spider Crowe

AC Spider Crowe


Grave-P will attempt to rush towards you while employing deadly use of his bazooka arms or his grenade launchers. Adding further to this, he will use his EO to supplement his firepower. Fortunately, Grave-P does not take dodging or evasion into account, and is vulnerable to being overheated and grounded, allowing for major punishment to be dealt to him. Since Grave-P will usually attempt to glide towards you, use weapons that have high fire rate and thermal stress, and he will no longer have enough energy to charge at you, making him easier to destroy. His weapons also have rather limited range.

To simplify the matters further, Spider Crowe has low ammo stores - much like Alpha - going for an ammo exhaustion scenario is particularly easy in this case. Grave-P is especially wasteful with his bazooka arms, which spend a lot of ammo per each volley (4 shells minimum) and have bad accuracy (as long as your are not fighting right in his face). Adding to that, his grenade cannons have only 16 shots total, so you only ever need to survive no more than 32 shots total. Then all you have to contend with is the machine gun EO, which - once again - has limited ammo reserve, and finally he will be left helpless once that weapon is depleted.