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The Grenade Launcher is a back-mounted weapon and the iconic AC killer of the Armored Cores series. Its sheer power has made it extremely popular and is staple of enemy AC designs. It is the larger and more powerful version of the Grenade Rifles. Since Armored Core 4, they are renamed as Grenade Cannons.


The original powerhouse before the introduction of the "modern" laser cannon, the grenade launcher has consistently been a high damage weapon. As a bonus, grenade launchers also have a small explosion radius that does splash damage to any unit caught in it; the explosion radius and splash damage is increased dramatically in Armored Core 4 before being downgraded in For Answer. That makes it great against hardened targets but their slow shot velocity and long reload doesn't make them a perfect anti-AC weapon. That plus their limitations due to them being a cannon, makes it a weapon only suitable for tanks, quads, or PLUS ACs.

In the Armored Core V era, there are two types of weapons similar to Grenade Launchers called the Cannons and H.E.A.T. Cannons, which are hand-held weapons. Cannons have high attack power and impact power, and high bullet speed that exceeds that of Rifles, but have problems with reloading and locking time. However, their reloading is superior compared to Sniper Rifles, and the general method of use is to use them in conjunction with Subcomputers to speed up locking. While H.E.A.T. Cannons fire large caliber CE bullets and has very good firepower, but the bullet speed is extremely slow. There are two types: a powerful type that emphasizes attack power and bullet speed, and a rapid-fire type that emphasizes reloading and number of bullets. The powerful type is slightly inferior in reloading, but has very high attack power and slightly better bullet speed. And although the rapid-fire type has a hopelessly slow bullet speed, it has both high attack power and extremely fast reload, making it highly suitable for destroying large helicopters and artillery batteries. Even though H.E.A.T. Cannons' high firepower is undoubtedly attractive, their effective range is too short due to their low bullet speed, and there are few opportunities for them to be used in interpersonal combat. However, in closed spaces such as tunnels and caves, these drawbacks are not as noticeable, and they simply turn into weapons with high firepower and high impact, and used as the main weapons of tanks.


Because of their high power, grenade launchers are extremely effective against other ACs. They are also capable of taking on hardier targets such as Massive MTS and bosses. In player vs. player matches, they have become very popular for jousting.

List of Grenade Launchers[]

Armored Core to Master of Arena[]

2 to Another Age[]

3 to Silent Line[]

Nexus to Last Raven[]

4 to For Answer[]

V to Verdict Day[]


H.E.A.T. Cannons[]


Notable Users[]


The first most famous user of the weapon, Nineball’s AC features a back-mounted grenade launcher as part of its arsenal and he uses it to deadly effect as he is a Human PLUS meaning he can fire it without kneeling, most especially in the mission Destroy Floating Mines. The confined nature of the level & his tendency to use it at close range makes him a very dangerous foe.

He also uses in Master of Arena, albeit less frequently & it deals much lesser damage due to his unit being mass produced.

When he makes a return in Armored Core 2 Another Age, he retains the same grenade launcher weapon on his AC. Though it fires slower than the 2nd generation of grenade launchers, it is still fires rather accurately, making it just as potent as its successors.

Prisoner No. B-24715[]

A top ranked Arena opponent of Armored Core 2, his AC makes use exclusively of grenade launcher weapons. His AC’s use of hover legs as well as Human PLUS allows him to relentlessly pound into enemies with his grenade launchers while effortlessly maneuvering around them, making him a deadly foe from all ranges. Combine that with his high AP & defense makes him an even more difficult opponent to defeat.

Grey Cloud[]

A massive MT appearing in Another Age, this unit sports not 1 but 2 grenade launchers as its frontal cannons. First appearing immobile in a hangar facility, the unit’s grenade launchers are still dangerous due to its rapid fire capability & accuracy. It later appears fully repaired & mobile in the Zearm desert, with its frontal cannons fully operational. Unlike in the first encounter, the MT now actively uses its grenade launchers to deadly effect; whilst it flies above the player shooting missiles, it will use its rapid fire grenade launchers as well (forcing them to seek cover behind buildings or obstacles) & is alarmingly accurate even if they are not pointed directly at the player. Destroying them will diminish their accuracy but will still prove deadly if they hit.


An amphibious weapon appearing in Armored Core 3, this unit features a pair of rapid fire grenade launchers that can fire in nearly every direction, making it a dangerous opponent from all ranges.


Just like Grey Cloud & the D-C101D, this Massive MT also sports grenade launchers in its arsenal, albeit its part of the smaller unit that detaches from the main body after it sustains some damage. The smaller unit will shoot its grenade launchers at the player while flying around the mission area, acting as a distraction from the main unit. This unit’s grenade launchers are just as deadly as its predecessors, making it paramount for the player to dodge them to secure victory.


A top-ranked Raven in Armored Core Nexus & also a Crest-loyal pilot, Genobee uses 2 back-mounted grenade launchers as main weapons. Due to having OP-INTENSIFY, he can fire both grenade launchers while moving & is deadly accurate with them, making him a dangerous foe from up close & far away.

Another Raven in Last Raven uses an exact replica of Genobee’s AC, by the name of Mollycoddle who gives the replica AC the name Pinch Beck. Although sharing the exact same loadout, Mollycoddle uses the AC less effectively due to his poor skill, he shoots his grenade launchers with little regard for accuracy, making it easy to predict & dodge his shots.


The singular Leviathan boss in Last Raven also features a pair of grenade launchers that it uses to deadly effect. In addition to its ECM countermeasures, the unit is very accurate with its frontal grenade launchers. To make matters worse, it also features a plasma cannon that it uses alongside the grenades, making it much more fearsome in battle.

Nine-Ball (Armored Core: Nine Breaker)[]

This unit, much like Nine-Ball from the original Armored Core, has a grenade launcher among its equipped weapons, but has the unusual feature of being able to fire 2 shots in a row (despite the part being able to only shoot 1 normally). Owing to the unit’s OP-INTENSIFY upgrades, it makes the unit even more fearsome as it can fire its grenade launcher without having to kneel.


  • The term "Grenade" is a bit of a misnomer as the rounds fly perfectly straight when fired unlike in a parabolic arc like modern Grenade Rifles do. It is better described as a High Explosive artillery cannon.
    • However, the term may closer apply to RPGs (Rocket-Propelled Grenades)
  • Throughout the Armored Core 1 Era, the grenade launcher has a unique feature in that, once it has locked on to a target, it will fire in the direction of the target & the projectile will explode at its closest proximity to the locked reticule. Even if the target has left the lock reticule, if it’s still within proximity of the reticule, the projectile will still deal damage to the target, even if its airborne. Although this can be inferred as AOE damage, only 1st generation of grenade launchers have this feature & is absent in later versions of the weapon.