The Grenade Launcher is a backmounted weapon and the iconic AC killer of the Armored Cores series. Its sheer power has made it extremely popular and is staple of enemy AC designs. It is the larger and more powerful version of the Grenade Rifles.


The original powerhouse before the introduction of the "modern" laser cannon, the grenade launcher has consistently been a high damage weapon. As a bonus, grenade launchers also have a small explosion radius that does splash damage to any unit caught in it; the explosion radius and splash damage is increased dramatically in Armored Core 4 before being downgraded in For Answer. That makes it great against hardened targets but their slow shot velocity and long reload doesn't make them a perfect anti-AC weapon. That plus their limitations due to them being a cannon, makes it a weapon only suitable for tanks, quads, or PLUS ACs.


Because of their high power, grenade launchers are extremely effective against other ACs. They are also capable of taking on hardier targets such as Massive MTS and bosses. In player vs. player matches, they have become very popular for jousting.

List of Grenade LaunchersEdit


  • The term "Grenade" is a bit of a misnomer as the rounds fly perfectly straight when fired unlike in a parabolic arc like modern Grenade Rifles do. It is better described as a High Explosive artillery cannon.
    • However, the term may closer apply to RPGs (Rocket-Propelled Grenades)
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