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Grudge , also known as Revenger-R in Japanese, is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #41 in the Arena.

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His AC isn't very high quality, but its missile-based attacks are impressive. Long-range skirmishes are his strength and he never forgets those he has lost to.

AC Revenge (US)/Drakuga (JP)[]

Revenge is a middleweight four-legged AC equipped with a middle missile launcher that fires 4 missiles at once, a pulse rifle, a laser blade and an overboost core.


The Quad Missile Launchers that this AC equips prove nasty without some kind of AMS system to counter. Grudge is also fairly nimble so the player needs an AC that can keep up or weather the storm. It is a fairly lightweight AC so powerful weapons, if they are able to connect, will be able to break the AC fairly quickly.



  • Image courtesy of TMRaven
  • In the Japanese version, Grudge is known as Revenger-R (リベンジャーR), while his AC name is known as Drakuga (ドラクーガ).



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