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Guard Airplane

The decoy airplane being defended.

Guard Airplane is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester:Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 0

Upon success: 34000

Theater of operations: Kuwote Plateau Airport

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Airplane takes off safely


We want you to guard DR. M. Okamura, an authority on genetic engineering. One of his experiments was grossly misunderstood and he has received many death threats in the past.

A terrorist group has also threatened to attack him during his next visit to Isaac City.

Dr. Okamura is now at our lab, but he will leave for Isaac City in a couple days. He plans to travel by airplane. We want you to serve as a guard at the time of takeoff.



  • Airplane


Radio: Tower to Raven, come in. Three unidentified craft are approaching. Be careful.

Radio: Tower to Raven, come in. Eliminate all enemies on the runways.

Radio: Tower to Raven, come in. Enemy transport approaching. It's carrying reinforcements.

Radio: Good work, Raven. The Dr. just took off safely from another airport. We're going to blow up the airplane along with the enemy craft. Stand back!


This is actually a pretty straightforward mission. All you have to do is destroy all of the enemies on the level. The transport planes that carry them can also be destroyed and this also grants you a monetary bonus, so destroy them if you can. Moreover, destroying the plane before they can drop the MTs will also destroy them in the process, so it will be all the better if you can destroy the planes quickly.

Once they're taken care of, the plane that you're "protecting" will be blown up, be sure to keep away from it as the explosion can severely damage you if you're caught within its blast radius.


Armored Core Guard Airplane


  • You get an additional 5000 for each Transport plane shot down.
  • The airplane you have to protect is a decoy.