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Wildcat 2

Wildcat charging the Freight Depot

Guard Freight Train is a mission in Armored Core. A remake of this mission can be found in the Armored Core: Nexus Revolution disc.


Requester: Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 12000

Upon success: 20000

Theater of operations: Heavensrock Supply Depot No. 6

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Defend lead car within region


We have an emergency! We have been informed of a plan to attack our long-haul freight train, "Boulder".

We are unsure of the enemy's exact target, but it is likely that they are after the confidential cargo in the lead car.

The train's next stop, Heavensrock's supply depot, has very little cover. We feel that this would be an opportune location for the enemy to attack.

Go ahead of the train ASAP and head for the supply depot. Give highest priority to ensuring the safety of at least the lead car.

The cars further back are not particularly important at this time, but we will up your pay by 10000 C if all the cars are safe. We're counting on your, Raven.




Radio: We have reached the fuel depot. Dropping AC.

Boulder (Train Operator): This is Boulder. We're almost at the destination.

Boulder (Train Operator): ...Th...This is Boulder! It's no use! We can't hold out any longer!

Boulder (Train Operator): This is Boulder. Refueling complete. We're under way.



One of the more memorable missions throughout the AC series, this mission involves you having to destroy a bunch of airplanes and guarding the friendly train that approaches. However, as the train appears, a red AC (Wildcat) also suddenly appears out of nowhere to attack you. He has a variety of weapons suited for various ranges of combat. They include a chain gun, the default missile launcher, the default rifle and the MOONLIGHT laser blade. While the weapons don't seem to be very powerful, he can prove to be a deadly distraction as he tends to target the train instead of you. The train cars are paper thin weak and can be easily wrecked in just a few shots so guarding the train is your top priority. Stand in the way of Wildcat's fire and let him hit you instead.

Due to enemy ACs in this game not being at full health, Wildcat is a relatively easy foe to put down. By this time, you should have already obtained the Karasawa weapon (but if not, there's no need to fret). The Karasawa has high attack power and given the Karasawa's rapid fire capability in this game, this is a very easy strategy to deal with him. However, even without the Karasawa, Wildcat is still not hard to deal with. He falls quite easily to some missile salvos and rapid fire weapons also do good against him. Do note that WIldcat must be destroyed to complete the mission, even after the train has left.

Should you fail to destroy Wildcat in time, and he succeeds to destroying the train, you will fail the mission and you will end up facing him again in the mission AC Battle.


The strategy for this version of the mission isn't as that different from the original's, though protecting the train in this one proves easier, as the enemies target you instead of the train. Once Wildcat appears on scene, it's best to destroy him quickly (killing him under 30 seconds will earn you his head part the CR-YH70S2) as he can give you trouble if you let him. Despite being a mission AC, he does have surprisingly high AP, so bring some heavy weapons to kill him quickly. Fortunately, he won't target the train as much as he did in the original so it makes for a much simpler and straightforward battle. Wildcat's only danger is his Moonlight blade which he can spam and it deals a lot of damage, so staying away is advised.

One thing to note is that Wildcat will spawn quite far out to the edge of the map, which might make getting to him very troublesome, so having some long-range weapons will help.


Armored Core Guard Freight Train


  • In one of the crates near the station, there is a secret head part (HD-X1487). It is advised to get this before the train arrives, otherwise the Red AC and Jets will tear the train apart while you try and find it.
  • Even if the train is out of the area you still have to destroy all the enemies.
  • You get +10000 if all of the trains cars are safe.
  • A similar mission to this appears in Armored Core 2, in the form of Escort Train.
  • In the Nexus remake of this mission, killing Wildcat in 30 seconds will unlock the CR-YH70S2 head part.