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Guard Secret Information is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Emeraude

Advance: 36000

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Talent Underground Factory

Enemy forces: Guard MTs

Objective: Destroy all enemy forces

File No: D-GR-0756

Code Name: Shadow Shadow

Client: Emeraude

Opponent: LCC

Place: Talent Underground Factory

Weather: Rain

Mission Start Time: 21:45

Estimated Success Rate: 72%


Head over to the Talent underground factory. They've come under attack
by LCC forces.

The facility looks like an MT factory, but this is only camouflage.
Within its deepest recesses is an information terminal, where all our
AC information is stored.

LCC's attack seems to have been prompted by the discovery of this
fact. We've also learned that Balena and LCC are co-operating. Destroy
all enemy forces no matter the cost.

LCC has been quiet up until now, but it seems as though this period of
calm is now over. We must resist their forces.

The facility is being guarded by one of our Ravens. Work with him to
take out the LCC forces. We will pay you in full prior to the
operation. Good luck.




Nell: "The defense system seems to be out of control. Ignore the guard units and concentrate on the enemy attackers."

Fellow Raven: "Please hurry Raven. I need assistance!! These guys shouldn’t be underestimated!!"

Fellow Raven: "...Frighteners...already on Mars."

Fellow Raven: "Aaaaaargh!"

Boyle: "Mission complete, but I’ve detected a unit of unknown origin. A Raven. I’ll destroy it."

Klein: "Boyle...Remille...the operation is finished."

Boyle: "...Roger."

Remille: "You’re lucky, Raven."

Nell: "Frighteners..."

Nell: "Mission complete. Return to base."


This mission isn't that hard. Your objective is to rendezvous with Castor at the other end of the facility. You don't need to be too mobile and even though Frighteners appear, you don't have to fight them (yet). Your main opponent are shotgun wielding security MTs but they're fragile and die very easily. You start out in several small corridors and leading to rooms where the MTs are. You can avoid or destroy them if you want; you don't have to fight them. There will be two closed doors in your way - destroy the control panels next to them to force-open (best to shoot them as aiming with a blade at such target can be cumbersome).

Later on in the level, there is a door in the hall after the second room that can be unlocked by a Head with a Hacking Function equal to or greater than 4. These heads are the: ZHD-8008/S, EHD-DOME and the EHD-WACS. Opening up this door leads to a chamber with a number of boxes. Destroy the boxes and you find a grate. Destroy the grate and you find the chamber where the hidden FCS: DOX-ALM is located.

At one point in the mission, you encounter a shaft with a cargo elevator. You need to take this down to the bottom, otherwise the final door will not open. Once you enter the final corridor, you hear the screams of your AC ally and just past the doors, you find out that Remille and Boyle have killed Castor. Fortunately, their leader will call them off, making the two leave the scene. Reaching this cutscene completes the mission.


  • There is a secret FCS part (DOX-ALM) in this mission. It is hidden in the left room right before the room with the elevator. The part is in a hole blocked by a few containers. In order to unlock the room you need to equip a Head with at least a hacking function of 4.
  • There is a glitch on this level where Boyle's AC will explode during the cutscene.



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