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Guard Walker

Guard Walker

Appearing only in Armored Core and a few Nexus Revolution levels, the Guard Walker is a blue bulky reverse joint MT. Appearing to be very similar to the Bishop model, the Guard Walker is possibly a Murakumo copy or answer to the Bishop. Both have similar capabilities and armor, although the Guard Walker appears to be slightly weaker than the Chrome made Bishop.


Ill 12

So far only one model of the Guard Walker has appeared; a blue reverse joint. These are easy to tell due to their paint job and their large bulky body. They attack with a tan shot machine gun similar to that of the Bishop. Ultimately the attack capabilities of these two machines are similar more often than not.


  • Machine Gun


Appearing once as friendlies and twice as enemies, Guard Walkers are used by the Guard of various cities, such as Gal City. They appear in the missions: