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Warehouse No 52

Warehouse No. 5

Guard Wharf Warehouse is a mission in Armored Core.


Requested by: Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 0

Upon success: 32000

Theater of operations: Warehouse No. 5

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Protect the radar


Warehouse No 5 4

The radar unit being defended.

We want you to guard a new type of radar for ACs that we have developed.

A prototype model is new stored in a warehouse at the wharf, but for some reason the security system does not function at all.

There is a good chance that someone intentionally sabotaged the system. It is probably the work of Chrome agents.

You must protect the radar for your mission to succeed. We do not know the enemy's target, but you must not let them steal or destroy the radar.

Do not let anyone near the warehouse until the system is restored. We are counting on you, Raven.



Radio: Raven! The security system is back up. Thank you for your help.



Armored Core Guard Warf Warehouse

This is an easy and straightforward mission. You just need to destroy any and every enemy that you chance across in this mission. There're 3 waves of enemies in total. The first wave consists of 5 Firebrand MTs, they're quite weak and fall easily in just a few shot so kill them quickly.

Once they're down, a second wave approaches, with 2 Firebrand MTs and 1 Lightning MT. The Lightning is a bit tougher than the Firebrands but is overall still an easy kill.

After they're down, a third and final wave will come, in the form of 3 Lightning MTs. Unlike the previous waves, the MTs will not spawn in front of you, but rather behind the warehouse you're supposed to protect. Make your way behind the warehouse and kill them too. Once they're all down the mission is over.

The radar you're supposed to protect can actually be obtained. It is inside the door behind you (from your starting position). Destroy the door and acquire the part. By doing this however, you will get a message saying it is a breach of contract and the mission has failed.

Should you wait out long enough, the security system will be back up and all the MTs will be destroyed simultaneously.


  • In order to obtain the RZT-333 back radar you have to steal the radar from the warehouse. Doing this however causes you to fail the mission.