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The HILBERT-G7 is a Production Model Armored Core NEXT that first appeared in Armored Core 4.


Built by Aldra, the HILBERT is actually only a partial frame (the core is a Leonemeccanica (later Interior Union) part). Created as a heavyweight biped unit, it features high energy defense and mobility for its weight class; it is essentially a scaled up version of the Y01-TELLUS (with the exception of a single category: the EN Weapon Skill). Comparing to the SUNSHINE, the KIRITUMI and the RAIDEN, the HILBERT is possibly the fastest and with the lowest ballistic defense of them all. Its high EN defenses and compatibility with energy weapons also gave it an advantage over other models. In general, this NEXT is a heavy-killer, designed to use extremely powerful EN weapons against other Heavyweights, of which most have poor or very poor EN defenses.