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The HYDOR-ARGYROS is a TORUS NEXT model that appears in Armored Core: For Answer .


Following in a similar vein to the Akva Vit MADNESS models, the HYDOR-ARGYROS is designed specifically for increasing Kojima efficiency and effectiveness. Its specialty is in defense, as noted by its high PA rectification and heavy armor, and is capable of taking high levels of damage which would reduce most NEXTs to ashes. The Argyros model also has a special affinity to Kojima weapons as well as a unique Kojima Overboost. Despite its size, the Argyros manages to maintain respectable mobility It is noted that the ARGYROS incorporates Sol Dios technology as its method of Overboost.


The HYDOR-AGROS has one main difference to other nexts, its arm integrated kojima weapon. this weapon can easily kill a NEXT in one shot if it is fully charged