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Hades, also known as Bestario in Japanese, is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #29 in the Arena.

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One half of an AC team known as Hell Fire. They're said to be invincible when paired, but don't seem to fare as well in one-on-one Arena combat.

AC Latitude (US)/Horizontal Fire (JP)[]

Latitude is a tank-leg AC equipped with an ECM maker, relation missile extensions, two identical plasma cannons on the back, high heat middle missile launcher weapon arms and an overboost core.


This pilot tends to randomly switch between his plasma cannons and missiles. He will either fire large volleys of missiles or blasts from his plasma cannons. He tends to use his overboost as times. It is best to stay from mid to long range. A fast AC with missiles and a sniper rifle is recommended. Switch between the sniper rifle and missiles from mid to long range. Eventually he will be defeated thanks to a constant volley of missiles and rifle fire.



  • Image courtesy of TMRaven
  • In the Japanese version, Hades is known as Bestario (ベスタリオ), while his AC name is known as Horizontal Fire (ホライゾンタルフイア).



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