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Half-Moon - Emblem

Half-Moon's Emblem

Half Moon is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 16th in the Arena.


A close-range combatant, the pilot of this highly mobile unit prefers to circle strafe around his opponents while laying into them with bursts of bazooka fire.

AC S-Fil[]

S-Fil is a hover-legged AC equipped with a multi-missile launcher, an orbit cannon back weapon, relay missile extensions, spread bazooka weapon arms and an overboost core.

AC S-Fil

AC S-Fil


Do not be fooled by this AC loadout, it’s much more mobile than it appears & the pilot is adept at controlling it. True to its description, it will overboost circles around you while strafing with its bazooka weapon arms. This is the unit’s main threat as the bazooka deals massive damage at close range, staying further away will alleviate this problem.

It’s back weapons aren’t as threatening but do look out for them if the AC uses them. For a hover AC, the unit does have rather hefty defense, so use weapons that have good fire rate & enough attack power to bring him down.