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 A Handgun is a type of weapon seen in all Armored Core series.


Just like their real counterparts, handguns are mid-short range weapons of small size, which deal low amounts of damage.

Due to their poor stats, handguns are primarily used as backup weapons when the main weapon runs out of ammo. This trait is especially important in the games that include the Hanger backup storage feature (first introduced in Armored Core Nexus), where the handguns are some of the most commonly deployed sidearms after the main hand weapon has been purged.

A handgun has generally a low attack power, low ammo capacity, poor ballistic velocity and short fire-range; however its fire rate is usually good, meaning most models can be used as makeshift machineguns, although with worse results.

Closely related weapon types include burst pistols and small machine guns, which are roughly analogous to the real life submachine guns. These weapons start to become more commonplace in Silent Line: Armored Core, along with the arsenal expansion of the left arm units.

In ACV and ACVD there is a particular model of a heavyweight handgun able to inflict high amounts of damage at cost of ammo capacity (15 rounds) and fire rate (comparable to sniper rifle's one).


In Armored Core 1, Handguns can prove to be an extremely dangerous weapon type. While not dealing a lot of damage on paper, they inflict high amounts of stun on the enemy target, causing in many cases, the target to stand still, helpless ("stunlock"). This makes them extremely effective in PvP combat.

With the introduction of Heat in Armored Core 2, Handguns became even more dangerous. While their stun was overall lessened, their heat production was extremely high, making them a very formidable threat.

Pulse Handguns[]

Also known as "pulse guns", these small weapons are the EN counterpart of the aforementioned handguns.

Their usage comports a EN drain cost, but they're a good short range weapon, since they can deal surprising amounts of damage in short time.