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Hayate is an unmanned flying guard MT that appears a few times throughout the original Armored Core game as enemies. This aircraft might be Murakumo's answer to Chrome's Firebrand or Welkin. It seems to be more durable than those two craft. Oddly, a craft highly similar to the Hayate is seen in the "Chrome Victory" cutscene after Destroy "Justice", wherein it kills an individual who is seemingly Murakumo's CEO.


The Hayate is an unmanned flying guard MT around half the size of an AC. It is equipped with a machine gun mounted beneath the nose and is capable of VTOL takeoffs. Also it appears to have missile launchers on its wings, but this is unconfirmed as it is never seen using missiles.


  • Machine Gun


The Hayate appears only as an enemy in the mission Guard Factory Entrance. It also appears in the ending cutscene of the mission Secret Factory Recon and is used by Murakumo Millennium.


  • Name comes from a japanese website and the translation is pending.
  • Might be named after Japanese WW2 fighter Ki-84 Hayate.