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The Heat Wave (Heat Haze/Kagerou) is a General Purpose Armored Core seen first in Armored Core and later in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.

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Heat Wave concept art.


The Heat Wave is the most common GP-AC seen in Armored Core. Known for its handheld bazooka rifle and quasi-reverse joint leg design, the Heat Wave has some interesting capabilities. Although the unit seems to have a blade on the right shoulder it is never seen using it. It also appears to have armored spikes on both shoulders. The Murakumo Escapee in Destroy Human Plus Escapee is known to have piloted a custom Heat Wave that could fly indefinitely, a trait not seen in the normal model.


  • Bazooka Rifle
    Heat Wave

    PLUS Escapee Heat Wave Custom


The Heat Wave appears in two levels in Armored Core: Destroy Plus Escapee and Destroy Base Computer. They also make a brief appearance in Armored Core: Project Phantasma in the mission Destroy Main Facility. It also appears in Armored Core Nexus: Revolution's remake of Destroy Plus Escapee and also Ambush Strike Team, the mission where the term General Purpose Armored Core comes from. Like all GP-ACs they are built and used by Murakumo Millennium


Armoredcorenexus tgs 092703 05 640w

Kagerou (far right) as seen in the Nexus remake.