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Helios is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #20 in the Arena.


Piloted by a young Martian native, this AC is able to engulf opponents in searing flames. According to the pilot, it's newcomer's that are endangering stability on Mars. He is encountered in the mission Abort Missile Launch alongside Time Keeper and is working for Zio Matrix.

AC Red FuryEdit

Red Fury is a middleweight bipedal AC equipped with back booster extensions, a large rocket launcher, a grenade launcher, a flamethrower, a laser blade and an overboost core. The unit is capable of ignoring weight restrictions. In order to use the back mounted grenade launcher the unit needs to kneel.


Since Red Fury is armed with close range weapons, it would be a good idea to stay at a medium or long distance from him. His flamethrower will cause serious overheating in a short amount of time, while his large rocket will do that whilst pounding at your AP. If he runs out of ammo, do not get close to him, as he has a long-range blade that will do serious damage if you are hit enough. Energy weapons are good to use against this AC since it focuses on shell defense.



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