Helzehen is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #18 in the Arena.

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An educated Raven who researches tactics based on calculations. It produces results, but isn't always reliable. He enjoys collecting ancient war manuscripts.

AC ScholarEdit

Scholar is a middleweight reverse-joint AC equipped with an ECM maker, relation missile extensions, a vertical missile launcher double back weapon, a pulse rifle, a laser blade that fires blade waves and an overboost core.


Scholar is another missile-primary AC, so bring your AMS and your A-Game when it comes to dodging. His secondary weapons are all energy, though his laser-blade is much more of a threat than his pulse rifle. He uses a mixture of direct-fire (extension) and vertical missiles making his volleys that much more lethal. Stay behind him whenever possible so he can't use his wave blade and hit him as hard as possible.



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