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Hold Tunnel Defense Line is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.


Client: Navis

Details: Destroy invaders. Defeat all targets, hold the defense line.

Advance: 0c

Reward: 105000c

Area: Utility Tunnel

Remarks: Night vision capability is recommended for this mission.



Operator:Enemy units are approaching your position.

Operator:Destroy all targets.


There is little space for maneuvering laterally, so an AC with emphasis on armor rather than evasion might be more effective. Remember to take a Head with a Night Vision function. A radar with long scanning range might also be helpful.

This is a simple defense mission. You are tasked with wiping out all TERMITEs that attempt to pass through the utility tunnel. An important note: the mission will be failed when they reach a certain part of the tunnel (close to your starting position), not when they pass you. Therefore, is useful to close the distance immediately and engage the enemies as soon as they are acquired by your FCS. However, TERMITEs possess the ability to crawl on the whole surface of the tunnel, and that coupled with low visibility conditions (even with NV active) that might make it easy for them to attack you from multiple vectors. Additionally, some TERMITEs might slip by you when walking on the walls or ceiling, especially if you do not have (or not pay attention to) a radar. If you notice some robot going past you, go back at once and intercept them before they breach the defense line behind you. The TERMITEs themselves are weak and lightly armed, but if you are not destroying them quickly, their numbers may become overwhelming fast. Time is of essence here, and it is best to not allow any TERMITE to get behind you, as going back and forth between the escapee and the upcoming robots might cost you even more time, as well as more enemies sneaking through. Destroy them all to complete the mission.