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Hover Legs are a unique Armored Core Leg type that debuts in Armored Core 2.


A new leg type, hover legs served as the opposite of tank legs. Where tank legs are slow, cumbersome fortresses of armor capable of supporting heavy cannons, hover legs were light, agile platforms that allowed Armored Cores to move extremely rapidly. Hover legs, as can be inferred by their name, were essentially hovering platforms which the Armored Core's core was mounted on, giving the Armored Core a resemblance to a mounted knight of the middle ages era of Earth. Much like tanks, they come with built in boosters, allowing for more room to be used for other important equipment. An important feature of hover legs is that they are able to automatically float over water, a feature that is crucial for missions that involve being over water for long periods of time, whereas other leg types could result in the AC sinking if the pilot is not careful.

Hover legs were also only featured in all AC games after Armored Core: Project Phantasma and before Armored Core 4. They were presumably omitted in and after Armored Core 4 because of the increase in gameplay speed overall, or because they were the only type of legs that automatically hovered in water, a feature that was later given to all leg types in Armored Core 4 and For Answer.


  • Hover legs are called Float in Japanese.
  • Hover legs have considerably low load tolerance and weak armor.
  • In Last Raven, hover legs are almost prone to breaking, which can cripple any AC that has one equipped.

List of Hover Legs[]