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Huglion is the unofficial fan name for a hover tank MT that appears in Silent Line: Armored Core.


The Huglion unit is a manned MT larger than an AC. Its weapons include dual machine guns which it fires at close range, and dual vertical missile launchers which it uses to strike at more distant enemies. Both of these attacks can cause a fair bit of damage. The unit is somewhat mobile and can handle tough terrain with ease weaving in and out of cover. Its armor is resilient and able to withstand a fair amount of damage.

There are two versions of the unit, the standard Huglion used by consorts and the stealth based Huglion-C. The latter can avoid being detected by radar.


  • Dual Machine Guns
  • Dual Missile Launchers


The Huglion MT unit appears as an enemy in the following missions:

The Huglion is also used by the consort Beacon. His version of the unit features a higher level of performance.


  • Name comes from a Japanese website and the translation is pending.