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Japanese name 強化人間
Classification Technology
Appearances Armored Core
Armored Core: Project Phantasma
Armored Core: Master of Arena
Armored Core 2
Armored Core 2: Another Age
Armored Core 3
Silent Line: Armored Core
Armored Core: Nexus
Armored Core: Nine Breaker
Armored Core: Last Raven
Armored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer
Armored Core V

Human PLUS is an ability status referring to AC pilots and ACs that exhibit abnormal feats and performances not seen in even the most well built ACs.

In ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, the English term used instead is "Augmented Human."


Human PLUS originated in the original Armored Core as a set of abilities granted to a select few Ravens. Although the technology was used and supposedly invented by Murakumo Millenium, it was created before the Great War. Later in the game, a data capsule reveals that the technology was created by an unknown party. In truth, Human PLUS was created by a guiding intelligence with the goal of eventually unifying humanity and transcending conflict. The mental instability exhibited by certain PLUS subjects is a side-effect of this process.

Obtaining Human PLUS[]

Armored Core 2 Human Plus cutscene

Procedure in Armored Core 2

Although the system is only granted to an elite few, the player can unlock these abilities for themself. What is unique in its unlocking method is that unlike most video games where the player must accomplish some feat such as defeating an enemy a certain way or completing stages under a certain time limit, Human PLUS acquisition requires the player to fail their missions until their Credit count hits -50,000.

When this is done, abilities will be unlocked in a certain order. However, this also resets the game from the first mission and the player's credits become 0, but they also keep the parts obtained in the previous playthrough. Their name will also be changed to "Rebel" with a random three-digit number although the use of a code can allow the player to change it back. In the original game, many players exploited this by playing the game through the first few missions until the mission Worker Robot Removal and spending all of their credits on expensive parts. On the mission Worker Robot Removal, it is possible to lose about 60,000 credits if played correctly.


In-game, Human PLUS is described the pilot being cybernetically meshed with their AC to improve performance. This involves enhancing the skeletal, nervous and muscular systems of the human. In addition to AC pilots, Human PLUS is also used to enhance bodyguards. However there have been two confirmed cases of this causing psychological problems, namely the Murakumo Escapee and the former Raven Wildcat.

Human PLUS can also have lifespan and youth-extending effects, as seen with Leos Klein who looked like he was in his forties despite being over 90 years old.

However, the procedure is not without its risks, especially when conducted on children. In the manga, Tower Blade City, the Human PLUS operation stunted the growth of a youth named Catarina. The cybernetics stiffened her muscles, leaving her barely able to facially express herself and rendering her largely mute (though she is still capable of emotions and crying). The implants would eventually cause her heart to stop beating and result in her death. There appears to be an operation that can reverse the process, but it is incredibly expensive, even for a Raven.


Human PLUS grants users a plethora of special attributes that cannot be accomplished with mere AC upgrades. As a result, the AC's performance shoots up to exponential levels. Human PLUS is typically available to highly-skilled Ravens or AI-guided ACs. It also opens up new possibilities with AC customization so that any setup, regardless of its irregular nature, can fight competently on the battlefield.



The LS-MOONLIGHT blade wave

  • Enhanced cooling - Increases normal cooling prowess (Not in Armored Core)
  • Enhanced booster performance - Lessens energy consumption by half
  • Enhanced missile interception performance - Affects only Cores with AMS
  • Enhanced radar performance - Replaces the radar screen with a grid-like graphic and automatically grants AC's without radars top-notch radar functions, including Bio-Sensor and Missile Detector.
  • Blade wave capability - Grants the user the ability to fire waves of energy fired from the laser blade. Press the boost button while slashing to execute the attack. Blade waves differ on the laser blade. 1*
  • Enhanced shoulder cannon performance - The ability to fire shoulder cannon weapons without kneeling. Note that while cannons and similar weapons can be fired without being stationary, Quad legged AC's cannot fire their cannons midair. (However, AI Cores have no limitations) 2**
  • Enhanced weight load capacity - Removes OVERWEIGHT status. 3***
  1. Added as a normal function in Armored Core: Nexus, Nine Breaker and Last Raven.
  2. This function also became readily available starting with Armored Core 4.
  3. TACs with this ability are commonly referred to as PLOW (PLUS Overweight).

***This Plus ability is only accessible after completion of each mission.




Though Human PLUS had seemingly disappeared, it was somewhat rebalanced in Armored Core 3 with the introduction of the Optional Part, OP-INTENSIFY. Obtained after completing the main game, it becomes available to the player's shop for free, shipped by an anonymous figure who requests for the player to defeat a particularly powerful Raven known as Exile. Though they recommend its usage to defeat him, they also note that use of this part may not be the honorable thing to do, in a particular nod to the player who sees Human PLUS as a way of cheating. Like Human PLUS, OP-I's abilities have to be unlocked individually but must be done so by defeating certain targets in missions and Ravens instead of hitting below a certain negative credit point. OP-INTENSIFY can be obtained in the sequel, Silent Line, by achieving 99% completion or simply loading an AC3 file that has the part. Its only description is ??? and it takes up all Option slots.

How to obtain the full range of abilities in OP-INTENSIFY (AC3):

  • Obtain enhanced radar function (Defeat Thunder House in the Arena)
  • Enhanced booster performance (Defeat Ace in the Arena)
  • Blade wave capability (complete the mission Destroy Massive Weapon)
  • Various Sensor Functions (complete the mission Eliminate Intruders, destroy the AC)
  • Improved Turning Performance (complete the mission Bomb Disarmament, destroy the AC)
  • Improved Targeting Accuracy (complete the mission Defend Ruglen Laboratory, destroy the AC)
  • Enhanced cooling prowess (complete the mission Destroy Massive MT)
  • Fire back-mounted cannons while moving (Destroy both parts of the massive MT in Destroy Massive MT, you should also unlock the Enhanced cooling prowess if you do this all at once.)
  • Increased blade range (Defeat Exile in the Arena)
  • Enhanced missile interception (complete the mission Defend Water Processors, destroy the AC)

Note that you must have the OP-INTENSIFY optional part equipped on your AC when doing this missions/fights.

In Silent Line, upon obtaining an S rank in all the missions and getting 99% game completion, you will unlock the full range of abilities in the OP-INTENSIFY part.

Armored Core: Nexus to Last Raven[]

OP-INTENSIFY is no longer obtainable by the player in Armored Core: Nexus, Nine Break and Last Raven, but certain enemy Ravens' ACs exhibit traits associated with it. However, there are unused files of several parts of it in the game, including renamed versions of OP-E-LAP and OP-L/TRN, the blade-enhancing and turning speed parts. Some NPC ACs have the first installed. While the main OP-INTENSIFY part can be found in the files, it has no effect when installed.

In a sense, Human PLUS has made its comeback since no data for OP-INTENSIFY exists post-Nexus. Use of cheating devices like Gameshark or Action Replay can grant OP-INTENSIFY-like abilities to the player, including the overweight limit removal. OP-I, however, returned for the PSP ports of Armored Core 3 and Silent Line. but it is still absent again in Last Raven Portable.

Armored Core 4 to For Answer[]

The Allegorical Manipulation System is a product of cutting-edge brain physiology and neuroscience that allows one to control NEXTs using thoughts. The AMS requires specific compatibility to use it. Lynx who do not possess the minimum AMS compatibility to operate NEXTs safely like Amazigh can display mental instability similar to early recipients of the Human PLUS program from the original series. The colony Aspina also has a program to artificially boost the AMS compatibility of its test subjects with mixed results; Joshua O'Brien and Julius Emery proved to be exceptionally skilled Lynx, but Hari could only make use of his increased AMS aptitude for a short time, and CUBE suffers excruciating and fatal backlash from his AMS when his NEXT is disabled.

Armored Core V[]

While Human PLUS is again unobtainable by the player in Armored Core V, there exist Designed, humans who were augmented with cybernetics to further piloting ability. Like with earlier examples of Human PLUS, the technology is somewhat unrefined with mixed results, and side-effects can include insanity or emotional instability. Notable examples of Designed are the Zodiac squad.


C4-621 example

C4-621 being awakened from cryogenic storage

In ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, Human PLUS returns, now referred to as "human augmentation" in the English version. Unlike previous iterations, the technology is far more widespread with a history spanning decades, with each successive generation of augmentation striving for refinement and increases in AC pilot aptitude with varying degrees of success. As of the events of the game, there have been ten generations in total. Generations One through Four ("old generation") were invented before the Fires of Ibis and utilized "Coral technology", but recipients suffered numerous physiological and psychological side-effects, chief of which has been referred to as a "loss of humanity". Generations Five through Six ("interim generation") arose after the Fires of Ibis and attempted to produce an analogue for Coral technology, but largely failed and were known to result in "grisly" complications. Lastly, Generations Seven through Ten ("new generation") successfully implemented "Coral substitution technology" (also called "Coral replacement technology"), which is touted as significantly safer and more consistent in its results.

The augmentation process is stated to be a surgical procedure. While Generation One augmentation is described as having "less than a 10% success rate,"[1] Generation Seven vastly improved the safety of the procedure,[2][3] and Generation Ten augmented humans seemingly face far fewer side-effects.[4]

The player character (referred to as "Augmented Human C4-621") is an augmented human of Generation Four. Recipients of Generation Four augmentation are described by Handler Walter as being "emotionally withdrawn" and having "unstable" augmentations. As an augmented human, the player has no inherent advantages over other mercenaries by default. However, it is through the Coral in their augmentations that they are able to make Contact with a disembodied Rubiconian named Ayre, from whom they learn the true nature of Coral.

In addition, there are AC assembly series made specifically for augmented humans referred to as the MIND series. These were crafted by ALLMIND to further evolve the fusion between man and machine. During the final boss battle of the Alea Iacta Est route, it is revealed that Iguazu had his mind merged with the AI in specialized machines made from 621's combat data in an attempt to even the odds with his most hated enemy and during the last stretch, he overrides them to take over completely.

The OS Tuning system combines aspects of the Optional Slots of the Third Generation ACs as well as Human PLUS-like additions, particularly the System Unlocks that grant new abilities such as Boost Kicking and Weight Control, based on the PLUS Overweight trait of the earlier games.

Notable Human PLUS/OP-INTENSIFY Users[]

Armored Core 1 Era[]

Armored Core 2 Era[]

Armored Core 3 (Early 3rd Generation) Era[]

Armored Core: Nexus (Late 3rd Generation) Era[]

Armored Core: Tower City Blade[]

Armored Core 4 Era[]

Armored Core V Era[]



  • There is a notable bug in the original Armored Core game where the quad legs would not be affected by Human PLUS. While bipedal legs and reverse joints could fly and fire cannons at the same time, quad legs would still operate like they do normally, able to use Cannons while along the ground but failed to do so while flying.
  • There is an additional bug in Armored Core 2 wherein if a part, such as the ZRL-774/WH, is acquired before fulfilling the Human PLUS requirements, the percentage obtained by getting said part will disappear and be impossible to re-obtain, thus preventing players from having 100% on their save file. To prevent this bug, simply gain Human PLUS as soon as possible and don't pick up any hidden parts, or obtain parts from the Arena.
  • Transhumanism, the concept that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available the ability to greatly enhance intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities is often abbreviated as H+.
  • Human PLUS are similar in depiction to Cyber Newtypes from the Gundam series, who are pilots augmented through physical and mental enhancements that frequently come at a cost to their humanity, often leading them to require regular drug consumption or hypnotic conditioning lest their mental instability end up driving them berserk. The Japanese term for both are also identical (強化人間: enhanced human.)


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