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Huntress - Emblem
General information
Japanese name リップハンター (Rippuhantā)
Classification Human
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
The Controller
Occupation Raven
Rank E-21
Craft AC Rouge
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3

Huntress known in Japan as Lip Hunter (リップハンター Rippuhantā) is a mercenary MT pilot and later a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. She is affiliated with Global Cortex and ranked E-21 in the Arena. She is partnered with Cypress in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the sixth highest ranked team.


Starting as a MT pilot at the time Armored Core 3 story commences, Huntress is shown to be talented individual, gaining a reputation of a flawless mission operative. She joins the Raven ranks midway through the game, at which point she is shown to have gained a special favour with Mirage, being largely sponsored by the company.

Huntress was a Raven who conspired with Fanfare to ambush and defeat the Raven, on Mirage's behest. Setting the stage for an ambush, she chose to be The Raven's escort beneath the Magna Ruins. Along the way, they were ambushed by a group of Fluke stealth MTs. After the skirmish, Huntress made her intentions known just as Fanfare appeared on the scene. She revealed she was an adamant supporter of The Controller and viewed all opposing groups as rebels (Irregular) meant to be exterminated. Along with Fanfare, the two Ravens were ultimately defeated. Her betrayal marked a very poignant moment in The Raven's journey as it showed how philosophy and ideals (along with shady corporate deals) could dash even the longest running of friendships. In the Japanese version, Huntress is shown to have a high regard for the Raven's skills, as seen when she was defeated by him in the aforementioned mission.


Upon completing Recover Ship Cargo.

Title: Hi

"Just a quick heads up to let you know that I've finally made the move from MT to AC pilot. My new unit is well-rounded, and operates flawlessly under a variety of different mission conditions. I look forward to fighting alongside you, Raven. Until then."


  • Investigate Magna Ruins
    • There’s no place for you in this world...Die, rebel!
    • Guahhh... (Defeated)
    • Just as I expected... さすがね... (Defeated Japanese ver.)

MT Rouge[]

MT Rouge

MT Rouge

A close-range MT unit equipped with a shotgun and blade. The pilot has added high-performance boosters that allow her to close on targets with ease. Her skill as a pilot compensates for the unit's poor defense rating.

AC Rouge[]

AC Rouge

AC Rouge

The AC she uses is of the same name as her starting MT and has a pink color scheme. The armament retains a laser blade but now uses a laser rifle, an orbit cannon, and an anti-missile system extension. She is quite mobile despite the AC's high energy draw parts, such as its back radar; and is quite adept at close-combat. Like her previous MT it has somewhat lacking defense stats.



Huntress can be hired as a consort in the following missions:

MT Rouge

AC Rouge

She acts as a mandatory escort in Investigate Magna Ruins and turns on The Raven after defeating several MTs. The Raven ends up defeating her and Fanfare.

In-Game Information[]

She firmly believes that once a mission has been accepted, the pilot is obliged to complete it no matter what. She hasn't been a Raven for long, but her mission success rate is perfect and she's in high demand because of this. The grateful recipient of many corporate sponsored gifts, she takes new equipment with a fervor.


Defeating Huntress is a simple matter of applying force. Her AC is fairly fast and mobile, but can not take a large beating. She does have some moderate dodging ability and her Rouge AC is equipped with advanced antimissile extension, however. While all of her weapons are energy and thus free of ammunition cost, they do not pack a huge punch. In the case of the orbit launcher, it is not going to be a threat to anyone but very slow ACs. She is also one of many Ravens that never bother to utilize the EO function of her Core (which would surely benefit her due to her perference for close range combat). She can be surprisingly devastating at close range as she is capable of slashing with her energy blade very quickly. Any method of assault can bring down her AC fairly quickly but she can make a difficult target for the slower builds. However, if you keep up with her or have large amounts of firepower, she is not going to be much trouble.

In the mission, Huntress is somewhat a pushover compared to her Arena counterpart. She will walk around the battlefield and shoot lasers, and sporadically use her orbit cannons. Given that the area has many obstacles, it's likely she might run into something while attacking. Make use of this and mow her down with your weapons. Also due to the cramped area, it's inadvisable to engage in blade combat with her as she can strike with her blade quite fast. It is also possible to kill her before Fanfare appears on the scene, thus also preventing her from being able to turn on you in the 2nd part of the mission, and allowing you to focus on Fanfare entirely. As long as Huntress is killed preemptively before her betrayal, or isolated from Fanfare in the actual 2v1 Raven fight that takes place afterwards, she is not going to be much of a threat.



The name Rouge is French for "Red". It is also a cosmetic used to color the cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones.


  • Despite being ranked E-21, the Extra Arena lists her as a C-ranked Raven, in reference to her piloting skills.
  • While in the English version Huntress simply lets out a cry of agony when defeated, in the Japanese version, Huntress seems to be more accepting of her defeat at the player's hands, along with a high regard for their skills, as evidenced by her line of dialogue as she is defeated.
  • The Rouge AC is built almost exclusively with Mirage-manufactured parts, with the sole exception of the Crest-made radiator, making Huntress a nearly perfect foil for Cypress and his totally-Crest built Shade AC.
  • The fact that her AC is assembled nearly exclusively with Mirage products, combined with the special sponsorship deal Huntress is mentioned to enjoy, suggest that she was a Raven closely affiliated with Mirage, to the point that she agreed to betray a fellow Raven (that she could have accompained for a long time on many missions even back as a MT pilot), in large part in order to satisfy the loyalty to her benefactors. Ironically, that would put her close to the Irregular status, as a Raven that is all but in name a Mirage-serving AC pilot.