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Official artwork of the I-CFFF-SERRE

The IBIS is an Artificial Intelligence and the main antagonist of Silent Line: Armored Core. Its purpose, similar to The Controller of Armored Core 3, is to protect the Layered city behind the Silent Line.



The I-CFFF-SERRE as IBIS' last line of defence.


The designation of "I-CFFF-SERRE" is given to the unit guarding the second Layered's Controller core. It is a black and silver, Nineball Seraph-like, special AC-class craft of high performance capabilities. The unit also seems to possess a kind of anti-missile system in its torso.


Silent Line Forces[]

Like The Controller, the IBIS had Controller Agents called IC-003-IN or "Big Whites" (practical AC equivalents, although they are referred to as MTs), AI automated Pods, and also various unmanned MTs to serve as its army. It also had control over a satellite with a Strategic Laser Cannon System. Using these weapons, it attacked Corporate bases and facilities, among them: a Kisaragi Power Plant in the Nature Preserve, Crest's Lawdas Surface-Based Weapons Factory in the Research & Development Area, and other Crest facilities in the area.




Crest, trying to uncover any data behind the Silent Line, sent in The Raven Ori into the Layered Hub to retrieve the data from the Controller for them. While searching the area for data, he encountered the Raven, employed by Mirage to get the data. After an intense fight, Ori was killed and The Raven continued to the bottom most floor where he encountered former Raven Cypress, who took refuge there after the Controller's destruction. He was then assisted by Gold Bit. The Raven managed to kill them both, and assisted the Mirage reconnaissance team in retrieving the data from the Controller.

This data, coupled with blueprints of the satellite prompted a recon mission by 2 Ravens, led by Diligent. However, things went bad, and it led to the Ravens retreating from the satellite. The satellite started malfunctioning and was erratically attacking the Earth, causing Mirage to hire multiple Ravens, led by Shade to disable the cannon. After a tense battle in the control room against an AI-piloted AC, it was successful, though at the loss of many Ravens. The gates to the Silent Line was now open. All three corporations agreed that the operator of that satellite was a bigger threat than any of them. They hired The Raven to explore the Silent Line. It was there where he encountered resistance from unmanned MT's and eventually 2 AI ACs, which The Raven dispatched.

IBIS destruction

The IBIS' destruction

The next mission was to destroy the main generator in the Silent Line. In order to ensure success, multiple Ravens (Carom, Porcupine, Calamity, The Raven, as well as a few irregulars, Ice and Surface) were dispatched in a limited amount of time to search the facility and destroy the target. Despite the loss of most of the Ravens, The Raven managed to break through to the generator room, where he encountered an IC-003-IN. The Raven destroyed the generator despite the IC-003-IN's interference. The corporations then learned that the target was just a relay station. After days of searching for it's starting point, they found a second Layered in the Silent Line, and a representative of the Artificial Intelligence Office (AIO) was found in it's hub. The Raven was dispatched there to investigate. During the investigation, it was revealed that the AIO and it's leader, Sera Cross were all AI. The Raven encountered the IBIS and after a grueling battle, defeated it, and freed the second Layered from the rule of the IBIS.


IBIS's mobile vessel - the I-CFFF-SERRE - serves as the final boss of Silent Line: Armored Core. The final battle against the I-CFFF-SERRE is a tough fight. Equipped with multiple and powerful weapons that can quickly destroy an AC, the I-CFFF-SERRE' battle AC is devastating. Existing in two "forms" the I-CFFF-SERRE is extremely fast as it can boost constantly, and attack with powerful weapons. The first form has an extra set of "wings" on the back much like Nineball Seraph and is equipped with a multi-shot laser cannon. The first form of this attack fires a spread of lasers while the second are continuous beams. The former is very accurate while the latter is highly damaging but easy to avoid. Also the I-CFFF-SERRE deploys dual vertical missiles to attack at longer ranges. Once the wings are blown off, the fight is half over. Now, the I-CFFF-SERRE attacks solely with his plasma rifle and laser blade. While these both appear in in the first form, the I-CFFF-SERRE relies on this entirely.

Missiles are not very useful against it as it houses an anti-missile system on its torso, thereby rendering any sort of missile fired at it to be ineffective.

High-power single shot weapons also may not work well against the I-CFFF-SERRE as it is a highly agile foe. The I-CFFF-SERRE is best treated like a very powerful hover legged AC as much of the same rules hold over.

Be warned though, it does not follow a set pattern. It adapts its attack style according to the player's AC.

Thus, against a heavy AC, it will use its heavier attacks, because it knows you're too slow to follow it. But against a lightweight AC, it'll use hit and run tactics, because it knows that you can keep up with it.

Also, if you have long-range weapons, it will have a tendency to get in close and attack. But, if you have a close-range load-out (shotgun, blade, grenade launcher, etc.), it will keep its distance and use its lasers and missiles.

Equipping dual flamethrowers is a very fast way to defeat it as firing both at the same time eats I-CFFF-SERRE' health quickly, provided it does not quickly move at the beginning of the fight so move quickly.

It is in fact POSSIBLE to defeat it using only a blade, however this may take tons and tons of practice and the timing must be right, otherwise you will constantly be missing and taking fire from I-CFFF-SERRE (or possibly even get bladed by IBIS instead).




  • "Switching modes...Engaging final directive."
  • "System phase 22-4...Engaged..."
  • "Scanning target..."
  • "Target scan in progress...Adapting systems..."
  • "Scan complete..."
  • "Confirmation check...Disconnecting...Reverting to safe mode...Main system shutdown...XA-26483...My function is complete....Raven...The rest is up to you..."


  • The CHD-GLITCH head part, used by 13 is fairly similar to the I-CFFF-SERRE's head.
  • The I-CFFF-SERRE bears a striking resemblance to Nine-Ball Seraph. In this respect, its parts are also entirely custom, and cannot be obtained.
  • The model number I means IBIS, or “administrator,” CFFF is considered to be the maximum number in hexadecimal notation.
  • In ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, "IBIS" was reused as the term of the catastrophe occurred on planet Rubicon 3 called "Fires of Ibis", it was believed that was caused by the Coral. Ibis was also used as the term for mech series created by Rubicon Research Institute, Ibis Series, powerful unmanned machines and Armored Cores that weaponized Coral to deadly results.


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