Zinaida is an example of an "Independent."

Independents in Armored Core: Last Raven are Ravens who have no alignment to the Alliance or Vertex . Many, but not all, work for various warlords. Like all Ravens, they too have bounties on their heads. They can all be considered Irregulars.

Known Independents[edit | edit source]

  • Green Horn - Leads his own warlord group and is also a Raven, albeit poorly skilled. His bounty is 46,000c.
  • Cerberus Garm - A former constant jailee, he now works for a warlord group headed by a Raven known as Mumu. His bounty is 47,000c.
  • Mumu - A female Raven and leader of a warlord group. She often travels with Cerebrus Garm. Her bounty is 30,000c, the lowest bounty in the game.
  • Shade - A Raven who left Ravens' Ark sometime before its fall, Shade lives to get as much money as he can. His bounty is 49,000c.
  • Rim Fire - Considered among the most dangerous of independent Ravens, Rim Fire is known for hunting Ravens simply for the reward and thrills. Works for Zuben El Genubi. His bounty is 85,000c, the highest for an independent and the third highest in the game.
  • Vola-Volant - A Raven with above average skill, he often works with Wanton Busker. His bounty is 43,000c.
  • Wanton Busker - Enjoys scheming against others, but is rarely known to accept high risk jobs. Often works with Vola-Volant. His bounty is 45,000c.
  • Zinaida - A fairly new Raven, Zinaida has demonstrated great skill in combat. Her bounty is 70,000c, and she plays a major role in several of the endings.
  • Zuben El Genubi - A Raven who leads an independent group, he can be best described as somewhat psychopathic in nature. However, despite this, he is not considered a very skilled Raven. His bounty is 44,000c.
  • The Raven - The protagonist and character that the player controls. His/her actions are based on the player, either remaining independent and fighting only to survive or join one of the factions.
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