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Infiltrate Layered Hub - Controller

The Raven sees The Controller for the first time.

Infiltrate Layered Hub is the final mission of Armored Core 3 and is a two part level.


Requester: Union

Advance: 150000c

Upon Success: 0

Operation Area: Layered Hub

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy The Controller

Operation Code: Zero Division

Client Name: Union

Place Name: Layered Hub

Start Time: 01:00

Security Level: 10

Estimated Success Rate : 3%

Recommended Raven Rank: S


Analysis of the data acquired from Mirage is complete, it revealed the location of The Controller's core. We're sending you in to destroy it.

Have we made the right decision? We don't know. We can't say why The Controller malfunctioned in the first place.

All we can do now is hope. Good luck to you Raven.



Laine Meyers:Incoming’s from Crest.

Crest Representative:We’re not sure what it is you hope to accomplish. What can possibly be gained by upsetting the current order? I guess it doesn’t matter anymore...Go...let’s find out what kind of future will be born from your decision.

Laine Meyers:It’s the Controller’s core...That shield looks impenetrable though. But the pillar...There’s a heat source in the center...could it be...

Laine Meyers:It’s an energy reactor! Destroy it and you should neutralize The Controller!

The Controller:Damage to the main processor exceeds supply diminishing...Attempting reconstruction...Executing final directive...Surface access...Releasing lock...Final directive...complete...program override initiated...System...shutting down.

Laine Meyers:What was that...? Something about the surface...?


This mission is Armored Core 3's final mission. Also unlike several of the more recent final missions in the series, there is not a final "boss" so to speak, as the Controller is more of an environmental target than a living enemy. While it is easier than some of the previous missions, this mission is still fairly difficult especially if underequipped.

The recommended build is using a heavier AC with TRIDENT legs, a bazooka, namely the BZ-30 and the XP/80 Pulse Cannon. A magazine, such as the AD/20 is also very useful. The mission itself is divided into two parts, like many final missions in the series.

The first part has you moving through a hallway with Ball UWs appearing throughout. These really should be avoided via an Overboost but you still require Energy for the next area. The next part is a massive room with numerous turret equipped pillars appearing out of the hallway. It is best for you to destroy the turrets if you can but you cannot lock on so the Pulse Cannon is useful. After getting through this hallway you'll find another with small floating UWs and they can be avoided as well. The next hallway features the turret pillars. After getting through this part, you are past the first half of the mission.

The second half begins in an lift shaft where a Crest Representative talks to you about your decision to attack the Controller. There are three sets of doors, each of them have two Ball MTs that appear. It should be noted that they are not invincible when they are closed but really you should wait for them to open before you attack. You should conserve your ammo for the true final fight.

Alternatively, do not bother with engaging any enemies on your way to the Controller's vestibule. Since you are going to recieve an AP+ammo refill during the stage transition, there is no need to worry about the damage suffered in this part. As for the lift, this fight is entirely skippable by simply activating the lift, then staying at the top, on one of the ledges, and waiting till the lift goes all the way down. Dropping down the whole shaft allows to avoid fighting the entering UWs, leaving you fresh for what comes next.

This part is a fight against two Controller Agents. Now like in most games, they don't have full AP but they are mobile and their attacks are powerful. You should use the area as cover and the Bazooka and Pulse Cannon are very effective against ACs. One of them sports a laser rifle and EO core, and another has a grenade rifle. The former is more dangerous due to its considerable volume of fire; either keep outturning it or stay far away to throw off the EO aim. The other Agent is slower but hits harder; dodge around its right weapon to render it mostly harmless. Luckily, despite being AI-controlled ACs, both of these Agents move in a rather cumbersome way and can be easily flanked; the EO-equipped one adds another exploitable flaw of its own, which is the habit of constant jumps ending in hard landings. Still however, their combined firepower is deadly, and things may go awry really fast if even a single one of them can maintain their lock on you for a longer moment. Utilize the pillars as cover, and Overboost away if you find yourself pincered. You do need some AP for the next area, so winning this fight in an AC that is not on a verge of falling apart is preferable.

After destroying the two Agents, you can finally enter the Controller's chamber. The Controller itself is a massive pillar and it is protected by a large force of aerial UWs and the turret equipped pillars. At first glance, it appears invulnerable, but in fact it has a weaker section that can be pierced and destroyed, You will find a Target section of the Controller's Pillar at its upper levels - break the outer shell to reveal an emergency reactor. You will need any weapon that can attack without a lock to do so, even a blade. Once the reactor is exposed, hit it with everything you have. When this is destroyed, the Controller is shut down, and the game is won.