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Infiltrate New Fortress is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 32000c

Operation Area: AI Fortress VG-924

Enemy Forces: Helicopters, Other (Unknown)

Objective: Locate fortress, engage security elements

Operation Code: Hide-and-Seek

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: AI Fortress VG-924

Start Time: 02:30

Security Level: 8

Estimated Success Rate: -

Recommended Raven Rank: -


The objective of this mission is to launch an assault on Fortress VG-924, a soon to be completed Crest stronghold.

Early intelligence reports indicate, that when the fortress is finished, it will function independent of human control.

At this time, the facility is operating at only partial capacity. Current defense measures consist of round-the-clock surveillance patrols conducted by unmanned helicopters.

A decoy will be required in order for our reconnaissance team to gain access to the facility undetected. Locate the fortress and engage any security elements you encounter.

Take care not to be discovered before reaching the fortress. Proceed with caution.



Emma: "The enemy controls the sky. Stay on the ground enroute to the objective."

Emma : "Raven, you've been spotted."

Emma: "Alert broadcasted."

Emma: "Mission failed. Return to base."

Emma: "Entering target area. Commence operation."

Recon Leader: "Reconnaissance complete... Hang AC? "

Emma: "Incoming transmission..."

Emma: "Mirage has an urgent assignment."

Emma: "The target is an AC inside the fortress."

Emma: "They're sending in reinforcements. The decision is yours."

Emma: "Enter the fortress if you want to accept."


This is an extremely tricky mission, as you have to clear past the first phase of the level without getting spotted by the unmanned helicopters. This can be very difficult as they have searchlights on and they tend to move irregularly. It may take more than one try to make it past this level. The helicopters don't need to be destroyed to make it past this level though, but you must nonetheless remain undetected while making your way to the escape point.

Once you make it to the escape point, the second phase of the mission begins. This part is pretty straightforward, as you simply need to destroy all of the enemies in the level. Do note that some of the MTs in the mission are quite durable however, so it's recommended to bring a blade along to destroy them. After all the enemies are gone, depending on how long you took to take care of the enemies, you may receive a message from the recon team stating that they help taking care of ACs inside the fortress. This is entirely optional to accept though. If you choose to accept, head for the gate to the fortress and Carom will show up to assist you, beginning the extra mission.


  • The secret extension part MWEM-R/36 is hidden in this mission. It's hidden in a crest shaped rock from the left side of the starting position.
  • The extra mission Takeover New Fortress can be unlocked as an extra mission on this level. Destroy all the enemies in the level in a short span of time, about roughly under 2 minutes.
  • The laser blade CLB-LS-3771 can be unlocked during this mission. To unlock it, you must not destroy any helicopters in the first part of the mission and also be able to take the extra mission. You must also have at least 75% AP remaining at the end of the extra mission with Carom (your consort) still alive.
  • Can obtain the right arm part MWG-SBZ/48. Reach the map exit in under 50 seconds and remain undetected.