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Infiltrate STAI Battleship is a mission in Armored Core 2 and is a two-part level.


Requester: Earth Government

Advance: 0

Upon success: 100000

Theater of operations: Vezel Desert

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Stop the STAI

File No: T-RK-0287

Code Name: Dead Man Walking

Client: Earth Government

Opponent: Special Forces

Place: Vezel Desert

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 17:50

Estimated Success Rate: 15%


We've made a mistake. An LCC military facility has been overtaken by
the Special Forces, and Balena corporation's STAI Battleship has been
launched from its underground berth.

It seems the upheavals around the planet were a ploy designed by Klein
to split our forces. His objective was to take over the military
facility and launch the STAI.

The STAI is a battleship designed by Balena with enough firepower to
destroy the entire planet. The fact is, Klein has acquired the greatest
weapon on Mars.

Klein must be stopped. Right now he's headed towards Phobos and it's
likely he'll attack the surface from that position.

Now enter the STAI via the transport ship and shut it down. A lot of
Ravens have been hired for this mission. Your combined strength is the
key to success.

We wish you the best of luck.




Nell: "Target detected! Commencing drop!"

Nell: "We’re working on opening the hatch, please hold on."

Nell: "The hatch is open. Proceed!"

Fellow AC: "Looks like we’re the only ones who made it. Alright, let’s rock."

Fellow AC: "It’s over..."

Boyle: "I’m not letting you through, Raven."

Boyle: "I see...You’re..."

Klein: "You remind me of another pilot I knew long ago...A rebel...I’ve already figured someone like you into my calculation. It’s my intention that you do not interfere with my plans."

Klein: "Raven...It’s not over yet. ...Phobos...That is where I’ll be reborn."


There are 2 parts to this mission. The first part is where after you are dropped onto the ship, there're several huge turrets that will fire at you. At the same time, airplanes will continually spawn to harass you. You don't actually need to destroy any enemies in the first part, but it's better to clear them out as they can become a nuisance if you let them be. There're a total of 8 huge gun turrets, all located on the edge of the ship. Be very careful in dealing with them, one false move and you might end up falling off the ship and failing the mission! So take care when taking them out. The airplanes are really nothing more than a distraction, you can just leave them or take them out, though it's kind of pointless in taking them out as they will only continue spawning even after they're destroyed. After a while, the hatch will be open. Head to where the hatch is and you will meet Brazen. You will then both head inside and this is where the second part will begin.

In the second part, you are now inside the ship. You will have to navigate your way through to reach the innermost section of the ship. You will also encounter multiple Disorder units along the way but they don't need to be destroyed so it's better to just ignore them. After you make it past a few rooms, you will then face Boyle. Boyle is surprisingly easy for a Frightener AC, you don't even need to pay attention to his energy machine gun shots as he is very easy to outturn and flank. He is also beatable in a blade duel as his blade is rather weak. Any weapon will work on this guy, as he isn't at full health either. Once he's down, go through the door behind him and you will then descend down a shaft. At the end of this shaft is a door that will then lead you to the man: Leos Klein himself. After talking for a while, the 'real' Klein AC will then engage you. If you have already taken critical damage from the earlier parts, then this might be a disadvantage, as Klein's Karasawa is dangerous. It's better not to engage him in a blade fight as he has a Moonlight blade. If you happen to have the Karasawa yourself, then blast away at him till he's dead. Or if you don't have the Karasawa, use deadly missile salvos against him. After he's defeated, he will then state that he will be reborn on Phobos & the mission is over.


  • The opening cutscene shows Boyle, Remille and Leos Kleins AC unit launching.
  • You should equip a head with a bio sensor for this mission.
  • There are an additional 6 gun turrets inside the STAI, which don't fire at you but can be destroyed.



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