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Intercept Bombers is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.


  • Helicopters
  • Bombers


Operator:The enemy bombers are your targets, take them out.

Base Commander:Raven, do not let them get near the base.

Base Commander:We're counting on you.

Operator:The base is sustaining heavy damage, get to work.
Operator:Stay alert, there are more incoming.


The biggest difficulty with this mission is knowing when and where the bombers are coming from. On a darker TV is could prove annoying as they blend in easily into the night sky. Radar is an invaluable asset here in knowing when and where the bombers are coming from. The helicopters are more annoying than anything else and they should be kept under control to keep damages down. The bombers themselves aren't amazingly durable and provide a large target. Once the bombers are destroyed the mission is complete.

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