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The Internecine is a location within Armored Core: Last Raven that is the birthplace of the Pulverizer weapon class. A majority of the endings end up in this location.


The Internecine.


Consisting of a large cavernous building approximately shaped like a cylinder with a flat spherical top. In the central location of the room is a raised area that has several pillars of energy with six generators on the walls powering it. When active, the Internecine glows with a red color with energy flowing from the generator to the central pillar. The Internecine is capable of defending itself by firing SHADE like lasers from the generators. When the generators are destroyed, the room turns into a grayish color and becomes darker.


The Internecine has two primary purposes: to create and launch the Unmanned Suicide Weapons and also to create the Pulverizers. The system is designed to collect data on the Pulverizers and then produce more powerful versions. For example, the Internecine took the data from all the Pulverizers to produce the Archangel Pulverizer and then an improved version of the said Pulverizer as its last creation. Upgrades include the Anti-Missile System (something that all previous Pulverizers lacked) and the more powerful shield attack than the original Archangel Pulverizer.

In theory, if the Internecine was never destroyed, the ultimate Pulverizer could have been produced that no one could destroy.


In all of the endings of Last Raven (save for one) take place at the Internecine or around it. The majority of these endings have the player destroy the Internecine but others have it already destroyed. Except for the notable exception, the Internecine is destroyed, preventing the Pulverizer and Unmanned Weapons from ever resurfacing.


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