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Investigate Magna Ruins is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Investigate Magna Ruins - Fanfare

Fanfare appearing to fight The Raven.


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 55000

Upon success: 0

Operation Area: Magna Ruins

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Investigate Magna Ruins

Operation Code: Rook

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Magna Ruins

Start Time: 23:30

Security Level: 1

Estimated Success Rate: 13%

Recommended Raven Rank: A


Disruptions caused by The Controller forces are on the rise. If they continue, we may have no choice but to launch an attack on The Controller itself.

Unsubstantiated rumors indicate the existence of a passage, somewhere in the heart of Magna Ruins, that leads directly to The Controller.

An advance team already searched the area, but uncovered nothing. We'd like you to take another look. If the passage exists, it may be just what we need.

Also, we've hired an escort to provide backup, please work together.



Laine Meyers:I’ve got a weak contact...

Laine Meyers:It’s empty...?

Laine Meyers:Raven, it’s an ambush!

Fanfare:I knew they wouldn’t be enough. Rebels like yourself have outlived their uses. Thinking you could destroy The Controller...what a fool idea.

Huntress:There’s no place for you in this world...Die, rebel!

Fanfare (USA ver.):Huaaaah!

Fanfare (Jap ver.):How could this be! こ、こんなはずが!

Huntress (USA ver.):Guahhh...

Huntress (Jap ver.):Just as I expected... さすがね...

Laine Meyers:All targets destroyed...return to base.


Funds: 7000c


This can be a tough mission since it features a fight against two Ravens. The stealth MTs in the beginning are best left off to be eliminated by your consort(s), so you do not have to spend too much resources on them and can focus on what comes after.

Armor wise, you're going to want to want to equip something with a lot of armor. You'll want to equip weapons that deal heavy damage without having to lock on. Missiles are out, but grenade launchers work well here.

When the mission first starts, ignore the MTs and go after Huntress. She will betray you when the first wave of MTs is destroyed, so it's best to kill her or have her nearly dead before Fanfare arrives, as the combo of her and Fanfare can easily overwhelm you. Take her down using the grenade launchers and any weapon that can do a lot of damage quickly and cheaply. If you get her in close range, you can use the MOONLIGHT if you have it (NOTE: this blade is only available to be acquired in a later mission) or failing that, a flamethrower to deal overheat damage. As long as the MTs are alive, she won't retaliate.

After the MTs are destroyed, Fanfare will enter. If you've done what I said, Huntress will be dead or one or two grenades from death. If not, there is a trick to beating them both. The trick when Huntress is still alive is to be extremely aggressive against her; you need to keep the pressure on her because her stability is poor, so weapons like rifles and grenade launchers (especially grenade launchers) are extremely effective against her. If you go after Fanfare first, Huntress's laser weapons will cut you to pieces. It is best to get rid of her first, also considering that her craft is much less armored than Fanfare's, and her speed might make her surprise you on a occasion - do not let her live to see that. She is quick to jump at you with the laser blade whenever she comes into the range, so you can exploit that predilection and go out of way as soon as comes near enough, whiffing with her blade; then you may fire away into her back. Even if you did not choose to backstab her intentionally before Fanfare's arrival, Huntress' AC is not going to last for long if you are able to concentrate your fire on her.

Whatever you do, avoiding being surrounded is the priority. The battle area offers ample cover, so make use of that and hide and relocate whenever both of the Ravens are closing in. Fanfare is especially slow, making isolating Huntress rather easy. As long as you can keep them apart, the battle becomes much more manageable.

Once Huntress is dead, go after Fanfare with strong weapons and some interception missiles. The ground torpedo volleys are not that threatening if you can manage vertical dodging, plus the battlefield has some uneven terrain and obstacles that can negate this type of missiles effectively. Other than that, it is a matter of staying away from Fanfare in order to invalidate the barrages from his other weapons, that all lack a lock-on capability. He is best taken out from a distance. If you are fortunate, Fanfare will remain down in the entrance cavern outside of the main ruins area, and there he is liable to get stuck when fighting you and backing up to a wall. If that happens, exploit this occurence to the best of your ability, and he will go down quickly. Lastly, none of Fanfare's weapons carry much ammunition, so if you can survive his initial onslaught, soon his offensive potential will drop down considerably, making it easier further to corner him and finish him off.

Because the mission was a mere setup by Mirage, you do not receive any funds for completion, and instead you pay for any expenses you accumulated. All of your reward comes in advance.


  • This is the last corporate mission in the storyline of Armored Core 3. After Mirage's betrayal, The Raven ceases to take corporate sorties and works solely with Union, focusing on taking down the Controller.