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Investigate Murakumo Dome is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Zio Matrix

Advance: 72000

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Murakumo Dome

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Investigate Murakumo Dome

File No: R-UN-1024

Code Name: Old Clock

Client: Zio Matrix

Opponent: Unknown

Place: Murakumo Dome

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 19:45

Estimated Success Rate: 80%


We hereby request that you investigate Leos Klein, leader of the
Special Forces. We want you to sneak into Murakumo Dome, a structure
left over from the First Terraforming.

The dome is typically abandoned, but we've been notified that a person
fitting Klein's description has been seen entering and leaving the
facility recently.

Perhaps we can gain some useful information, with which to oppress the
LCC, by discovering Klein's purpose for being there.

We have great faith in you...Raven.



Nell: "This is your only exit. Return here once your investigation is complete."

Nell: "Wait...! I’m picking something up on the radar."

Nell: "High temperature response! Missiles approaching!"

Nell: "Get out now!"

Nell: "Enemy units detected! ACs!?"

Nell: "It’s a trap!"

AC: "You know too much. We don’t need you no more."

Nell: "Unable to recover your AC while enemy units are present! Take them out!"

Nell: "Enemies destroyed! Get out of there now!"


This is a seemingly easy mission but is actually tricky. After looking around in the dome for a while, 2 ACs will show up and attack you. They also have rather hard-hitting weapons so be careful. One has a rapid-fire shotgun with vertical missiles, while the other uses a powerful plasma rifle. If you have already acquired the Karasawa, then you should be able to dispose of them quickly. If you are not using the Karasawa however, then it's better to have another hard-hitting weapons of some kind. Since the ACs are not at their full health, they will fall rather easily to some heavy firepower.




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