Investigate Recent Attack is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Alliance Tactical Unit Operation Area:Tartrus Headquarters Objective: Investigate the Recent Attack Reward: 156,000c

Mission SummaryEdit

This mission request has been issued by Alliance's Tactical Unit and involves looking into a recent attack carried out on their forces at Tartrus HQ. 

Proceed with care. 

Ed Weisz


"Our forces at the old corporate headquarters site were decimated during a recent attack. It's unknown who is responsible, but we want you to check it out."



Sheila:Is that a Pulverizer?

Sheila:It looks dangerous, be careful.

Sheila:It's weakening. Keep it up.

Sheila:You're almost there. Don't give up!

Sheila:They're so powerful...

Sheila:I wonder what their purpose is...

Sheila:Let's clear out.

Situation ReportEdit

The Pulverizer you encountered was obviously dangerous, but not nearly as dead as a well-trained Raven.

Rumors are going around that this was a last attempt by Vertex to turn the tide of the ongoing conflict, but I don't think that's the case.

Ed Weisz


The enemy itself is a quad-leg Pulverizer equipped with dual blades and dual, back-mounted energy beam. It's usual movement pattern involves circling to the right to the back of the Raven and coming in close. If it manages itself into close range it'll enter its dual blade slash attack, it's during this time that it's open to a counter attack. It'll react to this method after two counter attacks sustained and back away to use its lasers. The mech itself is easy to stun, using a solid ammunitioned, heavy, exploding weapon will lock it in place very easily as well as using a blade. 

A mech with high EN resistance or even a shield is recommended for an easy mission success.

For those with middleweight ACs, it's recommended to bait the Pulverizer into its dual slash attack to gain some hits with a blade while backing away afterwards and hitting hard with a sniper rifle using the structure in the center as cover. 

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