J emblem
General information
ClassificationHuman (Cultivater)
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationReaper Squad
The Foundation
OccupationReaper Squad member
CraftF21C Stork (SCHWAN A-448/C)
Reaper Squad-colored AC[1]
Eras presentVerdict War
Known battlesThe Foundation Coup
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: Verdict Day
Armored Core: Verdict Day Official Setting Documents Collection -the AFTER-
Voice actorEnglish: David Sobolov
Japanese: Jōji Nakata

J is the Commander of the Reaper Squad. He is a Cultivater, an artificially grown soldier cloned from pilots of notable skill. J rides a Reaper Squad-colored F21C Stork (specifically a SCHWAN A-488 / C type) to transport other Reaper Squad members in and out of battle.


Two years prior to the eve of the Verdict War[2], J fought the up-and-coming mercenary AC pilot Blue Magnolia and crippled her, putting an abrupt halt to her promising career.[2] The event was traumatic to the point that the normally composed Blue Magnolia went into an uncharacteristic panic when she encountered another Reaper years later.[3]

During the eve of the Verdict War, J and Reaper Squad act in the interests of The Foundation. The Reapers eliminated mercenaries of rare skill and potential, as was the case with Blue Magnolia.

ACVD Mission06 J Image1

J talks to Magnolia Curtis

Following the mass outbreak of rogue UNACs around the world, J and D secretly observe a battle at Karmat Base between a number of rogue Sirius Corporation UNACs and two Sirius Corporation-employed mercenaries: Erik and the infamous Storker Fatman's new partner, the "Lone Mercenary". When Erik is defeated, J decides that they are through gauging the Lone Mercenary's power so he orders D and Reaper Squad UNACs to aid the Lone Mercenary to end the battle. Once all the rogue Sirius Corporation UNACs are wiped out, J identifies the mercenary's Operator, Magnolia Curtis, as Blue Magnolia and asks her if she has truly given up on being an AC pilot, questioning whether her continued presence on the battlefield in spite of her crippling was to be praised or pity. Noting that it has been two years since he defeated her, he comments that she was not "chosen" but her partner the Lone Mercenary might be. Reaper Squad then leaves the battlefield.[2]

Fatman and the Lone Mercenary later take a job from Signs to eliminate unidentified weapons at Raziania Base; however, it is actually a trap by Reaper Squad. K, D, two Reaper Squad UNACs, and the new Reaper M (Magnolia Curtis) sequentially attack Fatman's partner but are overcome by his strength. As the duel between the mercenary and M intensifies, J asks the latter if she has regained her former prowess. M decides she is still out of practice so she withdraws. J extracts her and reveals that like the Lone Mercenary, Magnolia is another individual with the potential to destroy the current order; where the Lone Mercenary is "destined to burn all to ash," she has an "enduring will to fight." J tells them that he wants to know which of the two is "real", intending to kill that person — his "champion", as he puts it — because he is the Reaper. Fatman calls J insane, to which J replies, "And what is wrong with that?!," before leaving with M.[4]

M and the Lone Mercenary have a final clash at ALG742-181 where the Lone Mercenary emerges victorious not only against her but also a number of unmanned weapons sent by the Foundation Man to eliminate him. In order to prove whose ideals are right, the Foundation Man challenges the Lone Mercenary to a duel.[5] The Foundation Man orders J to sortie in the N-WGIX/v to be his champion for the battle.

ACVD Mission10 J Image1

The N-WGIX/v arrives at the battlefield

On J's way to the Dozur Desert for the clash, the Foundation Man proudly states that J will triumph thanks to both his combat experience and the N-WGIX/v. J deduces that the Foundation Man wants a world of perpetual conflict, a wish J shares, saying that he cannot live in the "world of order" built by the Three Forces. When the Foundation Man asks J if he abandoned his humanity to destroy said world of order, J replies that he can only live in the battlefield, to live as he pleases and die a senseless death. Now at the combat zone, J disengages the N-WGIX/v from its VOB unit and declares that war is part of his existence as he charges at the adversary before him, the Lone Mercenary.[6]

ACVD Mission10 J Image2

The leader of Reaper Squad is defeated

After some fighting, the N-WGIX/v is knocked back by the mercenary's might. The Foundation Man mockingly feigns shock at J's apparent defeat until the N-WGIX/v's begins transforming. After the Foundation Man rants about how mankind will destroy itself, J goads his opponent and resumes the battle. Ultimately, the Lone Mercenary is victorious. Fatman retrieves his partner as the N-WGIX/v breaks down and triggers a Kojima explosion.[6]


"Mission 06: Blue Magnolia"Edit

  • Third cutscene:
"We've seen enough, D. End this."
  • Fourth cutscene:
"Mission complete. Heading back."
"Have you given up your blue AC for good, Magnolia Curtis?"
"You can no longer fight, yet you stay on the battlefield. Does that deserve praise or pity?"
"It must be two years since I shot you down."
"You were not chosen. But that mercenary? I wonder..."

"Mission 08: Vendetta"Edit

  • Fifth cutscene:
"Knocked the rust off yet, Magnolia?"
"She was another who had potential. The power to destroy the current order. She was defeated, yet she survived to fight once more. One destined to burn all to ash. The other with an enduring will to fight. I want to know which is real. And when I have my champion, I will kill them. I am the Reaper after all."
"And what is wrong with that?!"

"Mission 10: Mechanized Memories"Edit

  • First cutscene:
"All good."
"You seek a world of endless war and destruction. On that we can agree. The world of order built by the Three Forces is not one I can live in."
"There is no place for me other than the battlefield. To live as I please, and die a senseless death. That is who I am. Not a mere man of flesh. War is part of my existence."
  • Second cutscene:
"Generator output climbing. Operation, pattern 2."
"Enough words. They are meaningless now. Show me what you can do."


CraftSection J N-WGIX

The N-WGIX/v ready for battle

The N-WGIX/v is a black humanoid machine given to J by the Foundation. It displays similarities to Economic War-era NEXTs such as Primal Armor, Kojima Technology-enhanced Over Boost, full flight capabilities, and Assault Armor. Unlike NEXTs, however, its Assault Armor expands slowly and immediately leaves the N-WGIX/v immobile for five seconds after detonation. N-WGIX/v's main weapons are KE high-speed missiles and two KE rifles. Its alternative load-out replaces the KE weaponry with dual laser blades. In terms of height, it towers over the Armored Cores of the Verdict War era.

The craft can also be equipped with a modified Vanguard Overed Boost (VOB) unit to quickly traverse terrains. Unlike VOBs made during the Economic War, this VOB pack is armed with missiles and laser weaponry and can be used for ramming attacks.

Story ModeEdit


Scan Mode data for the Story Mode encounter


  • Assault Armor
  • KE High-Speed Missiles, ATK 500
  • KE Rifles, ATK 1,400


  • AP: 100,000
  • KE Defense: 700
  • CE Defense: 3,000
  • TE Defense: 1,200

World ModeEdit


Scan Mode data for the second phase of the Special Sortie battle


  • Laser Blades (incorrectly identified in-game as "Physical Blades"), ATK 5,000


  • AP: 400,000
  • KE Defense: 700
  • CE Defense: 3,000
  • TE Defense: 1,200


J is an NPC in Armored Core: Verdict Day. In Story Mode, he appears in the cutscenes of "Mission 06: Blue Magnolia" and "Mission 08: Vendetta" piloting his F21C Stork to transport other Reaper Squad members. His last appearance is in "Mission 10: Mechanized Memories" where he pilots the N-WGIX/v and serves as the final boss of the game. Ultimate Weapons become available for purchase in the shop once J is defeated.

The N-WGIX/V is also one of the Unidentified Weapons bosses in the game's World Mode Special Sorties. Its territory is the Dozur Desert, the same place it is fought in Story Mode. For the first phase of the fight, the N-WGIX/v will fly around the map in a VOB pack to attack the player in strafing runs until it receives enough damage that it crash lands. In the second phase, it will use dual laser blades. Defeating it will award the player the Desert King achievement/trophy.

"Mechanized Memories" is J's boss theme. It is used in both "Mission 10: Mechanized Memories" and in the Special Sortie boss battle. The track is a remix of "Remember" from Armored Core: For Answer. If the ACVD Alternate Music Set DLC is set, then "Mission 10: Mechanized Memories" will instead play "Cosmos New Version)", a remix of "Cosmos", another track from Armored Core: For Answer.

J is also used in Armored Core: Verdict Day DLC that give additional CPU voices — each based on Story Mode characters — to the game; J is included in the CPU Voice 3 and CPU Voice Complete Set 1 packs. In addition, both the Pilot 10 and Pilot Complete Set 2 DLCs add a super deformed-style N-WGIX/v pilot skin.



Armored Core: Verdict DayEdit

Story ModeEdit

World ModeEdit

Armored Core: Verdict Day Official Setting Documents Collection -the AFTER-Edit


  • J follows the naming scheme of the Reaper Squad where each member's name consists only of a single letter presumably taken from the first letter of their given names. J's initial is a reference to Joshua O'Brien, a Lynx appearing in Armored Core 4.
  • TheAFTER J Screenshot2

    The AC J used when he defeated Blue Magnolia

    J's entry in Armored Core: Verdict Day Official Setting Documents Collection -the AFTER- reveals that he piloted a Reaper Squad-colored AC when he defeated Blue Magnolia.
  • Siliconera's description of J in a pre-release article:
Death God Unit Commander
Details: Unknown
The leader of the Death God Unit. Aside from the fact that he is a male in his 40s, not much is known about the man.[7]

The White Glint in Armored Core: For Answer

  • The N-WGIX/v is a reference to the second White Glint, a NEXT plioted by Anatolia's Mercenary in Armored Core: For Answer.
    • The aesthetics of the N-WGIX/v is modeled after the second White Glint, and it even uses similar weapon loadouts. Like that White Glint, it is also armed with Kojima Technology and Assault Armor, but is not nearly as agile. Its combat style also mimics the White Glint's: Firing continuous attacks while boosting heavily to dodge attacks, and attacking with Assault Armor occasionally. However, its individual parts are based on pre-existing NEXT parts — its core is taken from the TYPE-LAHIRE while its forearms and legs are based on the 063AN.
    • At the start of "Mission 10: Mechanized Memories", the approach of the N-WGIX/v towards the battlefield on its VOB unit is a reference to the cinematography used in the intro movie of Armored Core: For Answer, where White Glint uses a VOB to approach the Spirit of Motherwill. Likewise, after J is defeated in the first phase of mission, the movements and stances the N-WGIX/v does is similar to when White Glint loses its left rifle in the aforementioned intro movie.
    • The N-WGIX/v reviving itself after its defeat in the first phase of "Mission 10: Mechanized Memories" is similar to White Glint reviving with full AP after being defeated once in the Hard mode version of the mission "Defeat White Glint".
  • J's voice actor in the original Japanese-language version of Armored Core: Verdict Day, Jōji Nakata, also voices Joshua O'Brien in the original Japanese-language version of Armored Core 4.


  • Armored Core: Verdict Day
    • Story Mode:
      • "Mission 06: Blue Magnolia"
      • "Mission 07: Gravity" (Mentioned)
      • "Mission 08: Vendetta"
      • "Mission 10: Mechanized Memories"
    • World Mode:
      • Special Sortie, Dozur Desert
  • Armored Core: Verdict Day Official Setting Documents Collection -the AFTER-


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