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The JIREN is an extension part that appeared in Armored Core: Nexus and later in both Armored Core: Nine Breaker and Armored Core: Last Raven.



Part Description[]

Modified SAISUI with faster recovery time and more uses.

Part Statistics[]

  • Part Type: Extensions
  • Manufacturer: Kisaragi
  • Type: Energy Pack
  • Price: 115,000c
  • Weight: 270
  • Energy Drain: 77
  • Recover Energy: 22800
  • Recover Time: 60
  • Usage Limit: 6
  • Use Interval: 220
  • Discharge Heat: 680


This part can be obtained in the Nexus Revolution Disc, by completing the remake mission Rescue the Allies. Turn a full 180 from your starting position and boost to the end of the highway. There will be something that appears to be gleaming on the left side of the highway. That gleaming thing is the part.

In Last Raven it is rewarded by S-Ranking Protect Transport Convoy.