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Jack Batty
General information
Japanese name ジャック・バティ (Jakku bati)

リーダー (Rīdā) レジスタンスリーダー (Rejisutansurīdā)

Other names Resistance Leader, Rebel Leader
Classification Human
Gender Male
Age 50
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Alloy Gate Resistance
Occupation Resistance Leader
Craft Vendetta
Eras present First Rebel Movement
Known battles The First Rebellion
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core V
Voice actor Atsuki Tani (JP)

Jim Meskimen (US)

Jack Batty, otherwise known as Resistance Leader, Rebel Leader, or simply Leader, is the former leader of the Resistance in the setting of Armored Core V.


Jack Batty was originally a petty thief who led a small gang of robbers in order to survive after being left orphaned. He met Don Tyrell by chance when he managed to steal an AC belonging to Tyrell, who ended up joining his gang. With the help of Tyrell and using his AC to take on mercenary work, Jack's gang became a more respected and known presence in The City. However, the gang was destroyed when they were caught in the crossfire between larger Migrant groups. Jack survived, and decided to adopt Fran Curtis, the orphaned daughter of one of his deceased comrades.

He became a freelance mercenary for many years until he was reunited with Tyrell, who had become the leader of one of the more prominent Migrant groups, and served as his right hand man. Jack helped Tyrell take control of Alloy Gate as its ruler, serving as his primary combatant against rival Migrant groups' ace pilots such as Leon Dantess. However, once Tyrell took control, things began to change: he decided to rename himself as "Father." and forced an apartheid on the people.

As Jack lost faith in his friend, he suddenly defected during a mission to suppress a rebel movement and instead went into hiding underground. He began rallying the oppressed population of the City into a rebel movement of his own, calling themselves the Resistance. Jack's compassionate nature and his overflowing "heat" moved the hearts of the oppressed, and even his old enemy Leon became loyal to him, serving as his second-in-command.

Father caught on to Jack's plans and planned ahead of time, contracting the help of The Corporation to work alongside his own defense force, the City Police. When the First Rebellion began, Father was too well prepared, and crushed the Resistance's efforts of toppling his power. In addition to this, Father had the Corporation hire a large group of mercenaries to finish the Resistance off, one such being The Raven.

In the end, Jack's AC was heavily damaged by The Raven and subsequently killed in action by Chief. The Resistance suffered heavy casualties due to their rebellion, and were forced back underground, nearly ending their existence. His daughter, Fran, survived; who would manage to keep the Resistance together and launch another, albeit somewhat successful, attack in the near future one year later.

After the death of Jack, his AC was recovered by The Corporation, who repaired it and then gave it to RD when he defected to their cause, rechristened as the AC Vengeance.


Jack Batty is confident, well-spoken, headstrong and charismatic, indications of his role as a leader of a group. After Don Tyrell adopted the name 'Father' and became the tyrannical dictator of Alloy Gate City, Jack grew to dislike the man he once served under, soon hating him fully as he continued to disagree with his methods, forcing him to abandon Father's side and, later, stage a coup against his rule. During their first encounter, Jack was generally confident about his ability to defeat the Raven, but later realized that his opponent was too tough to take down alone. Upon meeting the Raven again, he becomes fixated on removing the obstacle in his way, bragging to Father on an open channel while activating his AC's Grind Blade UW.

AC Vendetta[]

Jack Batty's AC, Vendetta, is a medium-weight bipedal with average AP. It is considered unique among other AC's in the game (aside from Chief and RD) due to its use of an Ultimate Weapon--specifically the Grind Blade. Aside from that, its weapons are fairly mediocre--armed with a UEM-34 Modesto Pulse Machine gun, a URF-15 Valdosta and USM-13 Gulbarga short-range missiles.


AP: 32977

KE: 2711

CE: 497

TE: 664



Core: UCR-10/A

Arm: UAM-10/A

Leg: ULG-10/A Denali

FCS: UFC-11 Glance

Generator: UGN-70 Ho Vital

Booster: UBT-25/H

Recon: Unknown



Shoulder: USM-13 GULBARGA

Special: Ultimate Weapon "GRIND BLADE"


The first AC encounter in ACV's Story Mode, Vendetta is on an average level: he can be a challenge for new players unaccustomed to the game, or extremely easy for those who are well versed. Note that he will NOT use his ultimate weapon in your (actual) encounter, so this of no concern.

You will start the battle from where you have destroyed your second OWLET passenger transport. While you are here, you can do one of two things: approach him of your own accord or wait for him to get to you. Do take that note that while the second option is completely viable, it may ruin your chance to complete the Speed Destruction B subquest. So with this in mind, we'll go for the former tactic. You can defeat him by either reaching a certain AP threshold or

If you're a beginner using a Junk AC, equip your CE weapon currently in use (either a Battle Rifle or HEAT Cannon) and switch whatever weapon you have equipped in the other hand for whichever TE weapon you have equipped (Laser rifle, Pulse Machine Gun, Pulse gun). Make sure that you have either your short-range or medium missiles equipped, a reasonable FCS with average or good missile computation (either the D/UFC-10 or D/KV-1T2 preferably) for a better combat advantage.

Use a combination of parts that can help to nullify is PMG and missiles (CE and TE Junk parts) and you're good to go. Get within range, use the buildings to cover yourself from a majority of his damage and whittle away at him. You should be able to take him down. Also, make sure you defeat the general mooks before taking him out, as they will provide backup and prove to be a suitable distraction from your target.

Keep your eyes on him and run him through with your weapons, he'll be an easy target. If you whittle his AP down enough, he'll escape and you'll be ordered to follow him.

More advanced players may try to use whichever configuration that they're comfortable with. Any combination of weapons (customized or at least 2nd-generation are worth it) are effective against him, and he won't be able to take a lot of damage before retreating.

Keep in mind that he'll retreat after he reaches a certain AP threshold or after a (rather secret) time limit.

After that, you can just focus on whichever subquests or enemies you see fit.


  • Jack Batty and Don Tyrell's names are references to Bladerunner.  
  • Jack Batty's emblem, the Red Eagle, is one of three variants obtainable in the game for player use (the other two being the Blackbird and the Undead Raven emblems respectively).
    • Although it is known that Vengeance (RD's AC) uses the Red Eagle emblem in all encounters, and the fact that the player obtains the Blackbird emblem upon defeating RD (for the third time, due to the AC being destroyed and burning the emblem black); it is still unknown what significance the role of the Undead Raven's emblem played in the story, if at all.  
  • Jack's AC, Vendetta, alongside RD's version of it, Vengeance, are the only AC's known in the game (as enemies/NPC's) to use the Grind Blade Ultimate Weapon, which played a particularly important part early in ACV's development.  
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