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Jardin De Chavalier

Jardin de Chevalier is a mission in Armored Core 4 and it's part of the fifth chapter.


Client: GA America Area: Hazen Facility Objective: Defeat enemy NEXT


Jardin de Chavalier - Orleans in Combat

Let's confirm the mission.

Please eliminate Rayleonard's Next, Orleans. The Lynx is Anjou--the Number 3 Original.

She's said to have taken down more Ravens than anyone else during the National Dismantlement War.

Though currently working as a solo commando, her activities all follow a predictable pattern. She's purposefully luring enemy Nexts out.

Orleans is armed with a unique high-output blade. Be extremely cautious when engaging in close-range combat.

Those are your orders. ... You can't lose now.

Special Briefing[]

She looked like she was actually enjoying herself out there.

I was so worried. I'm relieved it was you that you who won.

You should get some rest now. Sleep well, soldier.


The Raven is sent to the Hazen Facility to face Rayleonard's "Queen of Close-Range Combat", Anjou.

  • Hard Mode
    • Anjou fires flash rockets which temporarily eliminate lock-ons against her Next.


Jardin de Chavalier - Orleans in Aerial Combat

Orleans in Aerial Combat

  • 1x Orlèans, Anjou


Anjou:Anatolia's mercenary... I hear you're quite good.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Objective sighted. Enemy Next--Orleans. Take her down.

Anjou:That feeling. Here I come!

Anjou:So you are skilled. Interesting!

Anjou:Be proud. Consider that my parting gift.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Orleans has gone silent. The mission was a success. Good work. Please head back.


The enemy takes advantage of the enclose space who limits your maneuvers to use his MOONLIGHT laser blade, however you can use stunning weapons to repel her offensive, then use missiles, another grenade launcher, machineguns or a laser blade to take her out.

Just be sure not to let her to come too close or to hit you with her FLICKER flash rockets, who will disable your FCS for a short time.


"Jardin de Chavalier" translated from French to English, means "Knight's Garden."