Armored Core Wiki
General information
Japanese name ジェット
Other names Black Kabutomushi (黒い甲虫)[1]
Classification Arms Fort
Manufacturer ORCA
Equipment Laser blades
Affiliation ORCA
Real world information
Mechanical designer Kazutaka Miyatake,
Akihiro Goto (details)[2]
Appearances Armored Core: For Answer
Armored Core: A New Order of "NEXT"
Armored Core Designs 4 & for Answer

Jet is ORCA's special self-customized Arms Forts and represents a deadly foe for an average NEXT who doesn't know its weak point.

Jet is the smallest AF encountered in the game; it's black and tapered, and it's armed with small Hi-laser cannons hidden in the blue-brighting points and large scale laser blades who are wielded in the welds of the various pieces of the AF.

Its armor is extremely resilient, and hard to damage even with the KIKU, MOONLIGHT, OIGAMI or Assault Armor; however the AF has a quite noticeable weak point: the small spinning exhaust on his top, so land there and fire at the fan untill it crash under your feet. It needs many hits to be destroyed.

This AF is encountered two times in the game during the missions "Defeat ORCA's Special AF Units" and "Defend Arteria Cranium" (on Hard Mode only). In the last mission however, the AFs are even smaller and their destruction is not required to accomplish the job.

A fun little easter egg is revealed if you destroy one of the Jet AFs in Defeat ORCA's Special AF Units, where if you brute force your way through the armor without attacking the weakpoints till one of the AF's is destroyed, your operator will comment on how you are stubborn because you brute forced your way to destroy the AF. This is easiest done with blades such as the KIKU or Kojima Blade.


It is best adviced to equip your AC with permaflight or long durational flight and equipped with either high damage weapons such as, mainly, double gatling guns before beginning mission. Laser guns or grenade guns are not adviced as the exhaust space is very small and both have "splash" damage which damages the player's AC.

On Normal Mode:

After missions start, move forward while flying to the first Jet on the right. The laser blades are located on the welds and will slowly glow before attacking whereas the laser cannons will show no warning before attacking. Prioritize avoiding the blades as a single hit can heavily damage a mid-weight AC and destroy most light-weight AC.

It's only weak point is located on very top of the Arms Fort, the exhaust. Once the player manages to enter the exhaust which acts as a 'safe zone' from the other Jet's attacks, the player can safely attack the exhaust. Once the Jet's exhaust is destroyed, the exhaust will seemingly 'fall'.

Repeat the same steps with the remaining Jets.

On Hard Mode:

Same as Normal mode but the blades are red and will instantly destroy your AC regardless of health or armor. There are also more AFs.



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