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AC Heaven's Ray

Jouster is a Raven working for Alliance in Armored Core: Last Raven. He is encountered in "Destroy AC Heaven's Ray" and "Safeguard Industrial Area."


Jouster is a young Raven and a blind follower of the Alliance creed. Although he doesn't have a whole lot of combat experience, his instincts are exceptional. Several of the Ravens he has encountered during his short career have met their maker at his hands. His conviction is so strong that he'd happily lay down his life for their cause.

AC Heaven's Ray[]

Middleweight, two-leg AC built to achieve a high attack rating. The pilot utilizes rapid strike tactics to make up for the unit's low defense stats. The unit is equipped with an energy machine gun, a laser blade, a dual missile launcher, a slug gun, relay missile extensions and inside ECM makers. The unit is also equipped with an overboost core for rushing opponents at close range. Equipped with OP-INTENSIFY, the unit is able to fire its back-mounted slug gun while moving and is able to boost for prolonged periods of time.


Jouster's favorite strategy is to rush you and hit you with the slug gun, causing massive amounts of heat and the dangerous close range accuracy of the slugs prove to be a terrible risk of breaking parts directly in a similar fashion of the LX. If you get in the way, he'll simply and try to blade you to death. Since he's an OP-INTENSIFY user, the use of his energy machine gun won't take as much energy as a normal AC would use. However, his tactics are straightforward, so it's easy to hit him. It's easy to blade him or hit him with the NIOH parrying blade, just make sure you have enough AP left to fight the Pulverizer in the mission Destroy AC Heaven's Ray. If you don't prefer close range combat, try equipping weapons like the linear cannons, grenade launchers, micromissiles, or the almighty LX cannon for back weapons. For arm mounted ones, try the 93RL Linear Rifle, KRSW Hi Laser Rifle, if not, the SPIRIT, SHADE Laser Rifle, and a high power blade.

In the mission Safeguard Industrial Area, he fights very much like he does in Destroy AC Heaven's Ray, albeit his head is now broken (it was destroyed in the cutscene beforehand), which means his overall AP is reduced as a result, making it a tad easier to destroy him in this mission. After he's dead, a bunch of MTs will show up (a couple of them being OWL MTs) and your job is to simply mop them up and the mission is complete.



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