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"Heh, seems strong enough. Not in the mood for surprises though. He better kick the bucket fast."
— K.Seusenhofer
K. Seusenhofer
General information
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Migrant
Occupation Mercenary
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core V

K.Seusenhofer is a Migrant that appears in Armored Core V. She pilots the AC Fluted.


Encountered in Order Mission 51 at the Alpine Base, K.Seusenhofer is a tough pilot who acts cold towards others, especially enemy mercenaries and migrants. often takes her battles very seriously.

AC Fluted[]

A medium-range AC equipped with heavily armored parts in the leg portion of the tank. Has superior specs with especially high anti-TE performance and firepower due to its cannon and battle rifle. Boasts unrivaled strength during close- and medium-range combat, but lacks effective countermeasures against long-range sniper attacks.

Fluted is a heavyweight, TE-focused tank AC armed with (almost) excessive firepower, namely a cannon, battle rifle, missiles and high-ammo gatling gun. Although this AC excels as close to medium-range combat, it prefers to remain as immobile as possible, literally throwing rounds down range.

Featuring high AP and potent anti-TE performance, Fluted will take a little bit of time to take down, even with equally powerful weapons, and provides an adequately defiant wall for players to barge through.

Classification: Armored Core [[File:|250px|center]]

Assembly Type





Recon Unit:

Shoulder Unit:
R Arm Unit:
L Arm Unit:

Ultimate Weapon: -
R Bay Unit:
L Bay Unit:


Total Weight:
Recoil Resistance:
Turning Performance:
Energy Recovery:
Repair Cost:

Total Load:
Loading Capacity:
Total EN Consumption:
EN Output:


The mission takes palce in the Alpine Base sector; with the player on the right side of the map (towards the tunnels), and Seusenhofer's Fluted towards the left (at the valley and cleft-open cliffs). Almost immediately, Seusenhofer will charge Fluted forward onto the large platform at the bottom of the canyon's walls and begin her assault--firing large-calibre cannon and gatling gun rounds at the player, while periodically launching the occasional high-speed missile.

Due to her large affinity for hard-hitting weapons, it is recommended to use a highly-mobile AC to evade her attacks, with a main focus on having an anti-KE defense. Keep at range, as her cannon and missiles have high stun, and will leave the player open for more hard-hitting assaults.

Her AC's weakness leans towards CE and KE, leaving a large number of weapon available for use. Weapons such as rifles, shotguns, battle rifles, sniper rifles and missiles will all do nice damage to her craft, and her lack of mobility will prove the player with an (albeit slightly frsutrating) still target to fire upon. There is no point in using TE weapons, other than extremely taxing, high-power Thermal weaponry (plasma guns, LR-81's with enery ampifiers), as Seusenhofer's craft bears a high anti-TE count.

Simply use highly-mobile glide-boost and Hi-boost evasion to dodge incoming fire and return in kind. Fluted's weakness to both KE and CE will leave her a slap of burning metal in a relatively short amount of time, although it may take longer due to how high her overall AP is.

Advanced players may try a close-range fire fight with battle rifles, HEAT Howitzers and HEAT rockets and destroy her in an inferno of High-Explosive fire.

Another strategy for the brave is to use an extremely fast AC with dual Murakumo physical blades or HEAT Piles with an optical chaff shoulder unit equipped, and simply smash her into fiery submission.