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The KWG-HZL50 is an Left Arm Part that first appeared in Armored Core 3 and later Silent Line: Armored Core.



Part Description[]

Left arm equipped howitzer.

Part Statistics[]

  • Part Type: Left Arm Unit - Howitzer
  • Manufacturer: Kisaragi
  • Price: 35,500c
  • Weight: 204
  • Energy Drain: 14
  • Attack Power: 1250
  • Ammo Heat: 306
  • Range: 440
  • Reload Time: 60
  • Number of Ammo: 50
  • Ammo Type: Solid
  • Ammo Price: 400
  • Usage Drain: -


This part can be purchased from the shop for 35,500c.


Armored Core 3


  • This weapon is completely dumb-fire, so it can't lock on without the use of another weapon. Even so, with a mobile AC with good circling ability, this weapon can complement a smaller fast-firing weapon in the right hand. It can prove a useful anti-AC weapon in mission; just mind the ammo price.
  • Being a howitzer, its shots follow a parabolic trajectory--while useful against opponents below or on a level plane with the player, it's very awkward to use if the opponent is above the player.